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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Two States Part - 6

         The day started with the bright sunlight falling on her face.Adoring the sun rays she smiled, first at the sun and then at her roomie, who too was peeping out from under her blanket."Wake you girl, it's a big day today." Yes,the much awaited freshers party was today.The events were supposed to start from the evening itself, followed by ramp walk for the main event Fashion fiesta which will not only decide the fresh faces for the year but also had promised for a rocking band performance tonight."I know Nimi, please two more minutes".Namita had got up from her bed by now,"Alright, but only few more minutes,okay".
 They both had so much understanding regarding everything that they never had fight over any petty issues.It took half hour for her to finish her daily chores and there she was, standing by her window, looking at the bright golden sunshine falling on the trees, bringing them to daylife from the night's rest.Sometimes it's just so satiating just to gaze at zero without a purpose, without any issue occupying the mind.But her mind wasn't unoccupied.Will he come?Why is it so hard to argue logically with some people.Why don't some people understand that their smallest action gives them so much joy.But then we all are handicapped infront of destiny as before time you will never get a thing.So she too sighed over the helpless situation she was in, eventually!

              "Alright,hurry up.Grab the parantha and walk fast.I am already late because of you.Hurry, we got to come back and dress up too.So hurry"Tiya was almost dragged out of the mess, then on the stairs and on the way to college.Namita was a punctual girl and hated who were not.It took her around an hour or so to finalize the ramp and Tiya too rehear-sled her act for the last time with Himani.
 It was 3 by now and they better were to hurry up or they would be late because students had already started coming in the best attire they can possibly have.There was no dress code for the party.The party had begun.It was going to be so much fun, So much thrilling and so much surprising for some.Both hurried upto their rooms and quickly got into their lucky shoes.Tiya was so excited to attend the party, and so was Namita but with a tint of sadness that she wasn't going to see somebody who she really wished to see.Tiya ,dressed in rapper jeans and cool T-shirt left along with Namita, looking beautiful in the green chudidar embroided with silver stones.She did made some heads turn towards her and gave Tiya a chance to tease her all the way from hostel to college."Okay Tiya,now I ll see you in sometime.Your performance will be in the auditorium only so after that we will enjoy together.Cya".And they both parted their ways, waving to each other to meet once again.
               And the tables were laid, drinks had started their rounds, students were chattering, boys selecting their dates for the night and girls trying to make the best decision.The whole environment was so much
 The whole auditorium was decorated with flowers and different cloth like waveforms patterns.It was all looking so perfect.Perfect for an evening like the students dream their freshers party to be.The events were about to begin.Students were enjoying rounds of drinks.The events were about to begin, students were queuing up, waiting for their name to be called.Everything was simply so perfect to be called the night of life, The Fresher's Party ! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Two States Part - 5

         Fresher's party is something we all dream about while joining a college.Namita's dream was here but why was she scared?What was troubling her and who has been calling her?The one who's details haven't even been revealed yet! Tiya and Himani just won't stop telling Namita about their song selection, steps and the extra effects added for their participation in groove it.The final list was displayed and some of the main highlights of the party included Groove it, Check the beat, Race track, Paint the art and fashion fiesta ofcourse.Tiya and Himani were selected in the auditions of Groove it and Tiya made it to the decoration team for Fashion Fiesta event. When you are engaged in work so much that all you can think about is work, it actually prevent you from being in the sad depressed state you may get into, thinking too much being your problem.Namita was of one such kind but the coming up party's work made her happy actually.Her talent was coming to the front and she was beginning to be noticed, in a manner that it was about to change something soon in her life.

        "Hello,Hey..I was about to call you.How was your day?hmm.....Okay....So are you coming?Should I expect you ?",the questioner was expecting a positive reply but her looks said they were negative."Alright, just do what suits you.I am a quite busy right now so, talk to you later.Take care", and a tear rolled down her cheeks but before anyone could notice her hands had taken care of them.One doesn't cry for everyone but for someone but at times it's really hard to make that someone understand one's feelings.And she slipped her cell phone into her bag not to answer it again and got busy making the arrangements for the ramp.The party was to be tommorow and lot many things still needed to done.

      Problem shared is burden lessened but some secrets become such big problems unknowingly that they can't be shared with everyone and with whomsoever you wish to share, they should be loyal enough to keep your secret a secret only.Nobody wishes to fall in trouble but life isn't a piece if cake.No matter how disciplined you are when it comes to being practical with life, you just can't resist certain things.Namita was caught in one such thing only.A teenager either falls for the drugs trap or for the love trap and believing the facts the latter is much more dangerous, if experienced pure."Come, grab a seat Nimi.I don't know why but you have been avoiding me lately",complained Tiya,"Avoiding you?Me?No, How can you think so?Why would I avoid you dear?Come let's go to the mess.I am really hungry."They both left together for the mess.They were walking together but this togetherness was filled with so much emptiness that Tiya could hardly bear it and the Volcano of talks erupted.

"Okay, so what is it that you are hiding from me?I know you are!",and she jumped from walking with her to face her,asking the question which Namita had been avoiding since last night..She was taken back by this sudden emotional act but controlling her facial expresions she said,"No Tiya,I am not hiding anything.Why would I?There's nothing that I am hiding from you",avoiding the eye contact which made the other clever girl understand that there was something wrong."Alright so you are not gonna tell me,fine, I won't talk to you,and tiya puffed air out of her mouth moving her head to the other side pretending to be angry but she knew she was her roommates darling and she was actually right."Okay,I love somebody and it's a little twisted story.I promise I will tell you all, Please don't be angry with me.I love You."Namita said with a deep voice seeming as if she was about to cry but Tiya llightened the moment by saying,"Okay okay keep that love thing for your heart and give me a hug.I don't want anybody to blame me for taking his love struck lines !.And they both giggled.Life is so good when you have such nice friends that care so much for you.
        The hug did settle some things but a lot was left to be settled.Namita asked somebody to come over and you might have guessed who the person was.Well I won't say the exact thing, wait for the next part :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 4

                  Life is said to be going the way, we show it to but at times we come across such streets and crossings which we get going through, even knowing the risk to do so.

               The fresher’s party was to be held after 15 days.The month of September was here.With humid environment and lots of work to be done ,the heat was full on. It was supposed to be the most happening event and the preparations started could tell so too. Notice boards were full of notice’s asking fresher’s, to come up with registration amount and the seniors, to arrange some eye catching events. Groove it, Fresh faces and fashion fiesta were the most popularity sought events. 

The most amusing part in being in a university is you get a thousand things attracting you , with restricted time to contribute towards . Namita was somewhat scared of all such happenings. She was an introvert,kinda and hence it could be the best chance for her to open up to her batchmates as well as her seniors but she was fearing something.Something was keeping her away, not only in the class but also in the evening tea discussions about the upcoming fresher’s party and Tiya could clearly see that.“Are you okay Nimi ?, she asked .”Yeah, I am good just having a headache. Better I leave else it may be get going hard on me. C ya in the room”, saying so Namita collected her things and left the canteen. Being such a pissed off girl at time was just the normal of hers,  Tiya had come to know this about her roomie in two months.She hated this part of hers though. But Namita too being such a prudent girl.

      College professors are the kind of people that never want students to enjoy. Of-course it is their part of duty to see that they excel in the academics but why they always have to intrude the joyful moments with the hunter of exams all the time.The first internal were set to happen just before the fresher’s party. Seniors saw it as their most undaunted task to be fulfilled in the most promising manner.And the preparations were fastened even more. Long lines for the audition forms could be seen in the college. Tiya was auditioning for the groove, she was good at hip hop and had made Barka her partner.Barkha and Himani were rooamates with Barkha being another sad soul like Namita . So these both has a good time teasing the dance steps of the other two girls.Seniors were busy arranging food,drinks etc and the juniors were given the task to coordinate them in the decoration and arrangement fields.If it would not have been Tiya, Namita would not have taken an initiative to be a part of this party.Tiya asked her cousin brother to get Namita's name in the  decoration committee,she knew she was good at it.

              "What's wrong with these two day scholars? I really don't understand why they don't want to be a part of the style-o-mania", Tiya said, throwing away her bag and thumping herself on her bed."Why don't they understand that we are only staging them , we won't benefit a thing from this still they are acting like aliens. Weird people".Namita was studying for the internals.Raising her eyes from the book she tried calming her down,"It's alright Tiya, you people tried your best to convince them. If they don't wanna be a part of it then let it be. I am sure their absence won't make a big difference either". She said things which were smart enough for the condition but inside her own mind she too wanted the answer to the question why both, Vipsa and Sakshi didn't even want to be a part of her life too!But all she could do was to wait for the party because they both have been avoiding her for sometime now and sitting in two opposite directions in the lecture hall gave her no chance to get an answer for her question.

            Ring ring.Ring ring."Hello,Hi.How you doing? I was waiting for you tell that I am a part of the decoration committee.Yeah,she got me into this but I am not mad at her.She really really reminds me of her,you know.Okay I will hang up,You do study well.Bye."Tiya pretended she was sleeping while she wasn't.
And the mystery call returns.Who has been she talking to?Now this question was even troubling Tiya.Find out the answer soon.

Hope the returning part was good enough to let you know the story parts will be updated after span of every 3 days. Enjoy reading.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Characters, introduced so far.

Namita : the main leading female character.A sweet and humble girl holding back a truth, yet to be revelaed.

Tiya : Namita's roommate,most talkative and alive soul on earth.

Vipsa and Sakshi : two Delhi girl, friendly on the first day with Namita but were not the same on the second day.

Barkha and Himani : two hostlers and newbies in Namita's life.

       And now is the time for some new characters to be involved.Keep reading.Next part coming soon !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Two States - A Quick Recap


                  The story is and isn't purely imaginative,has some real elements mixed with some purely imaginative links,spicing up the story eventually marking some incidences you can relate yourself or me to!It has certain similarities with Chetan Bhagat's Two States.This is gonna be in parts and some real thrill and fun mingled with words!

       Story starts with the introduction of our main female character,Namita. She was supposed to join the IIT or NIIT,her father being from one such respectable institution but she got admission in ITS University, a deemed university on her percentage and not on her father's monitory percentage.College was not very far but she being a kinda homesick and introvert was afraid of leaving home.College started and she was startled to get Tiya,the most chirping girl in college as her roommate.Tiya,from rajasthan, was a bubbly, zealot for life, adamant but full of life biotech student at the university.In short , both are exactly opposite of each other, nature-wise.

      College started and hence she became friends with Vipsa and Sakshi, both from delhi with latter moved to delhi just a month back.Namita have never ever been to Delhi!A weird information for a new friend mate.And so the college started.Boring lectures narrated by boring lecturers was now a part of the day to day life of our main female character, Namita until she faced her seniors for the first time and a secret was about to be revealed.The question she was asked after her usual introduction thing was her querry about her relationship status.She did say no to the question of whether she was seeing somebody or not but the actual scene was something else as later she gets a phone call from a mysterious caller which is not revealed.The second day of college brought two new friends, Barkha and Himani and a big question,why Vipsa and Sakshi hadn't kept a seat for her?Namita is a sensitive girl, feeble enough to be disturbed by the fast chanigng attitude of people towards her.

      Freshers party was also around the corner and some ruls and regulations were set for it.Tiya was pardoned from following them, having an elder brother studying in the same college has its priviliges too, while Namita was gramted freedom for certain rules.And this marks the end of the part written till now.

      Here I come to end the recap writing session but I personally feel if one wishes to feel the aura of the story then one must go through the parts.I have written originally. They aren't too lengthy to read and are entertaining to an extent.I will start writing it's parts from 19th of this month, till then upgrade yourself with the story and its characters.Happy reading !


Friday, March 4, 2011

A memorable voyage.....

                    The idea of starting a blog had always been very alluring since I came to know about the concept but the inspiration came from someone close.Seeing that he maintains a blog with such intellectual stuff to read on, Pages from, Diary of a Lost Girl came into existence.Since then the piece started has been appreciated by one and all with criticism, of course. I wanted my blog to be little different.Usually people brag about their achievements or narrate their daily life activities on their blog piece but I wanted to start something that can allow one and all to connect.Hence I can proudly say, the journey so started on 28th February 2010 has completed a year with no looking back.

          My first blog post, HINDI OR ENGLISH ? ,gathered a total of 4 comments from two very intellectual people.And then I came up with an idea of a love story with a lot of twists,ANOTHER TWO STATES, inspired by Two States by Chetan Bhagat.I sincerely apologise for not completing it yet, but the day I will start writing it again, I am sure my readers won't repent on the wait they have been made to do.Then came the poetic side of Smita, eventually giving form to my emotions in the form of posts named, TO, MY ALMOST LOVER , FROM MY HEART FOR MY HEART(my best composition) and WITHOUT EVEN LETTING YOU KNOW in the month of March, month giving birth to really one of the best compositions I can compose,I believe.


          I am a Twilight series fanatic and the conflicts I have been having with my friends on my being so gave me the idea to write an article , WHY I LIKE TWILIGHT.I am not a poet,neither do I write very good compositions with all the heavy words of the world of literature yet I love writing, hence I write and wrote two more compositions, I CAN'T SPEAK and MEOW MEOW to end the year 2010.

         New year approached with some new challenges which I summarised in the CABG series.Didn't want to write reflecting my masochistic part but my blog has been my voice, always and will remain always.Writing is something, I enjoy doing the most.With a new spirit and enthusiasm, I am again back to writing mode on the fullest, trying to give readers posts from all aspects, be it life,stories or poems.
     The month of February had LOVE IS IN THE AIR and IS LIFE ALWAYS WORTH LIVING blog posts published with the Birthday celebrations in the last week.I thank all the people following my blog today for reading all that I write and to all the people who provide their precious views about my writings in the form of comments.Without this ,this blog would have lost the identity, it holds today!Ideas for new posts keep flowing in mind 24X7, thoughts come unrestrained, giving me wonderful topics to write upon and this year, hope I will yield some more quality posts for my followers.The blog has just gained momentum and I Hope for it to flourish more this year!

  Happy First Anniversary Dear Blog !                    


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