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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Warrior (2)

                                                      Part 2 : The musician (contd...)

Honey, you okay?”, the sweet voice of hers forced him to open his eyes to see the pretty face.
She was sitting, by his side, with a smile on her tender lips.
Sitting besides him and moving his hand on his forehead.
The movement of the soft hands was smoothing for his banging head.

My head…”,he tried his best to speak.
But his weak hands couldn’t gather the strength to move even an inch.
I know honey, it hurts, Right?”, she asked sweetly, as a sick baby was being taken care by his mother.
I asked you not to drink and dance that hard last night. Didn’t I? But you just won’t listen”, she complained, though in a soft voice.
He looked up in her eyes, guilty of something he was not sure and known of!

Who is she? What happened last night? He was drunk? And danced hard whole night? Who is this woman? She is the same woman as that in the photo frame besides the bed, he was lying on currently. But who is she and why doesn’t he remember anything? He tried to focus but his head pained more again, just like earlier.

Don’t worry. Everything is alright. I am with you and the pain will be gone soon. Just take these pills.”, she handed him a handful of tablets. All multicolored but all screamed fear.
Which normal human takes so much of pills? But he took them all in fear of her and his longing pain. He wanted to get rid of both at the moment.
I will go and prepare you a breakfast. You want tea or coffee?”,she stood up to get going.
Coffee”,  came the words from his mouth, unknowingly.
She gave him a look at the unexpected answer and then left the room, giving him a sweet smile again.

 He tried getting up from the bed again. He was searching for the black diary he had stumbled upon on before fainting. He remembered something!
Where could it be? Did she take it away? Or is it still there somewhere in the room?
He tried looking for it under the side table, in the drawers and in every possible space he could think and see off in the room.
And finally, he saw it. Resting on the window ‘s side space. The black diary with a velvet cover on it and The Warrior inscribed on it with golden ink.

She called him Warrior, he remembered this too! Is he the Warrior? Is something related to him written inside that diary. What it could be? He jumped from his place to get hold of the diary before he could be caught by her. He picked it up in no less time and came back to his place in the bed where she had left him.
Hurriedly he opened the diary, the middle of it. It was blank!
He tried looking on other pages for something. It was also blank!
Some other pages were turned but still no sign of any drop of ink on any page!

Why is this blank?”, saying so he threw it away in irritation and the diary went straight in the feet of the woman holding his breakfast tray for him.
She was still smiling. He calmed down.
So my sweetheart is again troubled by the blank pages. I will tell you the story sweet, I will tell you all that you want to hear then why worry my Warrior”,she said putting the tray on the bed.
But first, Let’s eat”, she said applying butter on his toast.
But I want to hear the story first. I won’t eat until you tell me”, cried the little baby.
Okay okay, So let’s have a deal. I will tell you what happened last night while you eat your breakfast. Okay?”
Okay”, he said.
And she started narrating last night's incidents.
"Last night, We were at the city concert hall. We were attending the musical play, “Pride of Joy”. You were invited by your friend, also the organizer of the concert. We enjoyed our evening there and after that we went for a lovely dinner with your friends. Remember?”, she asked.
He listened patiently,” Did he go for a concert? He loves music? And then friends and dinner? What is she talking about?”,he thought in his mind.
But before we had left for our respective homes we did enjoy our evening at the bar at the restaurant. The band was playing nice and you joined them. And I must say you were the man in light yesterday”, she giggled.
Man in the light! Me?”, he was surprised.
Why couldn’t he remember a word, was all that was going in his mind.
She continued with the story. She told her how he played the violin last night and bragged appreciation from everybody present at the bar. The he continued playing Piano, flute , drums and all the instruments present there. Then they danced whole night and got so drunk that didn’t realize the flying time. Then somehow she took him back home and then they had a passionate night together.
That was all he was told but what about the black diary? Not a word was said about that. And why is it blank?
He asked her all this. The reply though was not soothing.
Honey, I will tell you all. But for now, you need to take rest. About the black diary, I will tell you another story. But not now”, she soothed his hair.
He tried going back to sleep after breakfast. A lot many questions were boggling his mind. No answer to them troubled him more.
He slept. The woman closed the doors.
While going into deep sleep, he heard sobs! Sobs of the woman who had just left!

The Warrior.

                                                                    Part 1 : The musician

(Phone ringing in the background)
His sleep was disturbed.
The phone has been ringing for a while now. He gave the machine a damn look from one corner of his eyes.

It had been a rough night.
The sheets could tell and so could his banging head.
He pulled his body altogether and was now sitting on the bed with his arm on his head.
Tired of ringing the phone had gone silent now.
He tried figuring out what, where and who he was?

The room was dull lit. Curtains still up on the windows and only a ray of light was entering the room.

He got up from the bed. There were some newspapers lying on the side table. There was also a photo frame.

Framed with a couple’s picture in happy times.

He and a woman. He tried focusing on the picture to remember who she was. But nothing flashed. His mind was blank and still banging with pain. He tried looking around the room for something more, indicating about his identity.

Some clothes were lying on the floor. A man’s shirt, a woman’s top , shoes and some other clothes were all scattered on the floor near the bed. He picked up the woman’s skirt. Smelled the gentle perfume on it. He now could vividly see her smile in his mind. He closed his eyes and tried remembering. The sweet smile that used to make his rough day. The sweet smile on her pink lips, the dimple on her left cheek, the deep black eyes, the face was almost going to be clear when he heard clutter of bangles in the kitchen  and his focus was lost.

Where was he? And what was all this?  Who is the woman in the frame? And these clothes? Are the male clothes his? And what about the other pair of clothes? Of that of a woman? Who’s working in the kitchen? Where is he? Who is he?

It was all so hard for him to remember. His head pained more every-time her tried focusing on something.

He looked outside the window. The house was in a well to do location so possibly he wasn’t at a prostitute’s place. What else could be thought of in a situation where a man wakes up naked one morning in a room, with sheets and everything else in the room messed up, with no clue as to who and where he was!

The sound of approaching steps towards the room made him turn towards the bed. While walking towards it, a diary struck his feet. A black diary with a velvet cover.

He picked it up. On it with golden words were written, ‘The Warrior’.

The sight of the words gave him a bigger bang. He almost fainted but before collapsing on the ground, he saw a woman rushing towards him to get hold of him in her arms.

He was loosing his conscious. The woman was saying something but all he could hear before closing his eyes was, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you my Warrior”.  

(To be continued....)

New Series.. A mystery one this time !

Time for a new series.
I know I haven't finished up the old one(Another Two States) So it's totally unfair on my part to start a new one but this has to be done right now, today, so here it is.

                                                                         The Warrior.

Story of a guy, for whom everyday is a fight. 
Each new day presents a struggle.
A fight within himself, a struggle to know his identity, his past and figure out his present.
We all long for a love and moral support throughout out lives and lucky are those who get one. But what if you don't learn to price the priceless gem you get! What if you really want to but can't!

Things change, circumstances mould accordingly. People may look new or sometimes familiar, But what if every day you have to figure out about your own identity?
The Warrior, one such story of Mystery, Love, Hate, Passion, Secrets and much more about how life can actually be!
Enjoy reading.
P.S. : I will complete Another Two States as soon as possible. Just need some time more :) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clever He, Clever She !

He looked up.
With facial expressions like that of a small baby being denied something he liked too much.
Please na”, he requested.
No”, she smiled a crooked smile.
It’s all fine with me”, she said.
No. I want  it na but”, he again pleaded.
With a voice that was about to break down.
Please, give it to me, please”, he said, hands tangled in hers.
No…Please”, she replied.
Please….”, he requested again.
She laughed.
She was enjoying him pleading like this.
His expressions were similar to like that a five year old boy, denied his favorite candy or toy.
His requests competed with the requests a small kid makes to somebody, in-charge of something he wanted badly!
His looks were fooling enough for the other person to give what he wanted.
Just like a small baby pleading for his demand to be fulfilled.
He had been trying to woo her with pleasing words for some time now.
Lines of worry had now started showing on his face.
All he wanted was what she had been possessing oh his in her bag.

He tried getting possession of her bag, a little snatching a little pushing but all in vain.
No matter what he do, she was in no mood to let her hands off her bag.
Clever girl had wrapped his right hand around the belt of her bag so that even the thought of getting it away from her now seemed impossible to him.
But he wanted it impatiently now.
Please Please”, he requested.
No No”, she smiled.
He was losing patience in requesting again and again but she was enjoying denying his request again and again.
Pleaseee na. Give it to me”, he said, sounding as if he was literally going to cry like a little baby any moment now.
No…na”, she said humbly.
He looked in no mood to give up and neither was she.

Struggle was getting interesting now.
Who would give up first?
He or she?
She or he?
Will he succumb to her wicked plan?
Or will she melt on his pleadings?
And the real question, what was she holding in her bag?
What did he want from her?
What possibly could it be?
Please give it na. I want it back now”, he again pleaded.
No. It’s safe with me.”, she answered.
Noooo.. I am feeling empty without it na. So please return it back now”, he looked in her eyes. Pleading more than ever to get his thing back.
He tried again and again he failed.
It was all so hard for him.
Just to get her bag having his wallet!

Earlier he had fooled her in one of their meetings regarding payment at a restaurant. They had decided to pay the bill half-half and he had agreed to it. But when came the turn to actually pay the  bill, he fooled her and paid the whole amount saying he wished to use his debit card once at a restaurant as he had never done that before. 

She sensed the lie but saw  no point arguing over money with him. He would always have his way, she knew or maybe she would always give him his way.
But not so soon was the movie to end. If he thinks he can trick her, so can she! Just the way he has her own ways, she too has her own ways! And today was her day.

The whole incident, right from stealing his wallet in-front of his own eyes, with him actually presenting it to her, her plan did meet success! She not only
possessed his wallet the whole day but also quiet enjoyed him asking for it at the end of the day. Poor baby looked scared as if he was never going to get it back from her! Lol! 

                                             Clever he, Clever she!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Am tired......!

Am tired. 
Dead tired.
Tired of holding up this burden 
And living up-to the expectations of all.
Am tired of being older than my age
Bear all these responsibilities.

Am not complaining,
Am not crying,
Am not cribbing
And certainly am not regretting,
But am tired,
I am not that strong
As I look, say or fake to be.
I am weak.
I am not that much full of faith
To keep pacifying my heart 
That things will settle.

I am losing my patience,
Am losing my strength,
Am losing my peace,
Am losing it all.

I am escaping my own self
Am hiding from being what I am.
I am drenched of love,
Am deprived of care,
As I have spent all that I had
On people I cared.

Will I meet somebody
Who will support me one day?
Who will care for me?
Will I be loved by anyone someday?
Questions are many
Answers are none.
Expectations are dead
And only struggle is left!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hair cut

When was the last time you went for a haircut?
I am talking to girls, guys, I am sure you would like to pass this question and read on the full post ! 

Well, I went for a haircut a month back.
Shortening of my black long hair wasn't what I was looking for. 
I just needed the front ends to be styled a bit and the back ends, the split ends to be precise, to be cut off. 
As Simple as it could be, were my demands, and I swear I explained it as simple as I could to him.

But then the barbers or wait, for ladies, it's stylists, right (wink), they will remain what they are!
Wetting my hair, making front ends to fall on my eyes, making me to bend down my hair so that he could do all that trimming on his own at the back, I was starting to understand his tricks, but too late!

After the cut was done, my hair, earlier falling enough down the shoulders were now made to reach only shoulder length. I admit, I loved the new style, hair freed from all split ends and rough edges felt smoother, but the length is what depressed me.

And more depressing is what that person asked me after showing my hair to me in the back mirror, which they usually hold after giving ladies a haircut, showing off their styles at the back,"Madam, is the length okay?".

"How do you say?",was what I thought in my mind.

He asked so promptly as if I were to reply with a "NO", then he would have returned my hair lost length back to me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year :)

"Why?",she sounded furious now.
"I am sorry but he's nowhere to be seen",he said.
"Take a good look again na. He must be somewhere near".
"I did look on two floors for him. He was on a call here only and then while talking he went somewhere.But now I can't come and am sorry",he said in a sunken voice. Surely did he wanted to see her.
"But why? Why do you have to wait for him to come back? Can't you come without telling him? Moreover you will be lying only so why wait for him to return?".
"No...I have the keys that's why I can't come.",he replied.
"Message him that you will come after sometime so that he may know."she suggested.
"No..that won't be a good thing to do na. He might be coming anytime I guess.Then I will come.".
"Why don't you give the keys to somebody else, somebody you both know or somebody whose there at the moment.",she suggested again.
"No..that too won't be a good thing either to do na",he was in no way possible about to meet her soon.
Tangled circumstances leading to some furious arguments and mood implications.

He wanted to meet. She wanted to meet. But, without letting this other guy know about their meeting for some reasons but now situation was getting a bit tacky. She has been waiting for the evening to come the whole day as that's the time when they get to meet all alone, but today luck was not on their side.
And now she was getting furious because earlier she had informed him that she would be reaching their usual meeting point in ten minutes and he was supposed to be there but as he shared his room with this another guy, who had disappeared for the time being,they were unable to meet today.

 "So...should I go or wait? ", she asked.
"Hmm...You go. I won't be able to come today.",he answered.
"Seriously?",she freaked at his denial.
"Yes.Am sorry",he sounded low.
"I am extremely sorry. But circumstances are....oh, here he comes. Wait, I will call you in few minutes",and he hung her up.
She waited for him some more minutes outside the building.
Twenty minutes had already passed.

Ten more minutes passed.
She thought of calling him million times or messaging him up and asking about his status on their meeting but she waited.
Waited for him to call her.
Few more minutes passed and alas came his call.
"Hey,.......I.....won't be able to come today",he said.
"What?",she freaked.
"Yea, I tried my best to come but he's not getting convinced with my excuses",he said.
"What all excuses did you make?",she tried calming down her voice.
"I said I have to get a new SIM for one of my friends so I said  to go on my own for that but he didn't buy that. He said he will accompany me or maybe later when we go for dinner then I can do that work",he explained.
"That's it. You tried once and you are done.",she was staring to get angry now.
"Noo..I tried some two three times with different ideas but he's not at all in a mood to buy any of my excuses today.",he sounded worried now.
"And you didn't try again. Now that's Disgusting.Whole day the thing that I wait for, is the evening to come. Whole class all I think about is the time when the session will get over and then I will meet you and now you are saying you won't be able to come?",she blasted.
"Am sorry....", but before he could finish she again blasted on him,"also am wearing the pendant set that you gifted, even then you are saying you can't come."
"Say it that you don't want to meet me anymore straightaway, why making lame excuses for that",she was totally pissed off at him now.
"No.I never meant that....", he said.
"No, please go ahead and say it then. All this hints at that only and it's okay if you are done. Doesn't matters. We don't have to meet daily, do we? It's okay if we are not meeting for one day. Tomorrow also something will surface up and we won't be able to meet, then again something will happen day after tomorrow. ", she said angrily.
"No...that's not gonna happen.It's just this one time....",he tried clarifying but she just won't listen.
"This will keep happening and No, it's all okay. Everything is fine. I don't want to talk now. So I am hanging up now. Bye", and she dismissed the call in full anger.
He called her back immediately.
She was angry but she answered the call.
"Yes..? Now why are you calling?", angrily she answered.
"I didn't come today so let's talk na, Please",he was as humble as one could be at fault but she was in no mood of calming down.
"No...I f we can't meet then I don't feel like talking like this on phone",she said.
"But we do meet on all other days na. So please talk na, for few minutes only, if you can",he requested.
"Yea, we do meet. For ten minute, fifteen minutes or sometimes maybe twenty minutes",she complained of their past short meetings.
"We have also met for an hour",he tried recalling their long happy meetings.
"Yea, but just once or twice",she was still angry.
"You know na, I can't do anything here. I am bound with him na. That's why so less time We get together."he tried calming her down.
"Yea, I know. I am not saying anything. Do as you please. Now please don't call me, I don't want to talk anymore now." and the fight continued.

Two times she hung up and one time he did it.
His hanging up was the last and the most unexpected.
She didn't like it. She had never expected this to happen and this quiet disturbed her. She was angry at him, for not meeting her that day when she really wanted to meet and now she was also not happy for fighting with him and got disturbed with his sudden unexpected reaction like this to all this.
Tears did their work and calmed her anger.
She called him up after some half hour.
He sounded quiet settled as if he had just  hung up with prior notice.
"Why did you hung up like this on me?"she asked, softly.
"Hmm..because you didn't want to talk to me o with what other option was I left?"he answered plainly.
"Hmm..So you will now do all that I will ask you to do? huh?".
"Hmm...No. But, yes. Most of it I do as you only say",he replied.

They were now talking to each other. Anger was kept aside and he forgave her. Some half hour they talked. Lot's of sorry and complaints were made and lots of forgiving and making the other person understand the critical situation sessions were done.

"So where are you right now?",he asked.
"Am still sitting outside the building where I wait for you everyday",she sighed.
"You are still there?",he was surprised.
"Yes am still there.",she said.
"Really?",he asked again.
"Yes, really. I am still sitting there. I have been sitting there only since you left with him for your place in the evening.",she answered.
"Okay Okay....Hmm..You are not bluffing right?",he still sounded conspicious.
"No..Why on Earth will I lie to you about this? You don't believe me, isn't it!",she said in one go.
"Okay okay, chill. I do believe you. Don't get angry now",he said.
"I am not losing my calm",she lied.
He knew she lied to him.
"Sure?",he teased her.
"Yes, sure",she answered bit irritated.
"Alright then, turn ",he said.
She stood and turned. He was standing right behind her.
"You..what are you doing here?",she was amazed to see him like this.
"See, I came. I made an excuse and I came because somebody was getting too angry at me for no fault of mine."he said, making this innocent baby face.
"Am sorry."she asked embarrassingly for forgiveness, feeling terrible for her rude behavior.
"Don't say sorry. But you shouldn't have been so angry at me na. Who talks so rudely like this to somebody?"he sure wanted her to realize her mistake.
"I know, and I am extremely sorry for that. I won't do it again."she said, ashamed of her rudeness shown to him few moments back.
"But how did you manage?"she was curious to know.
"Leave it. I came na, that's what's important for you to know".he replied.
"Okay, now don't say anything else. Come let's go ",and she dragged her by her hand.
"But where ?",she asked.
He didn't reply but just smiled.
"Come na, let's go to our usual point",he said.
"But where are we going?"she asked again in midway.
"Viewpoint",came the reply along with a big grin on his face.
"But...",she stopped before completing.
"But what?",he asked.
"No, nothing. Let's just go",she said.She didn't want to offend him now with any of her stupid complaints about anything, after being so bad with him,as somewhere she too liked that place. Calm and quiet.

They spent some time together on his favorite meeting spot, Viewpoint, named by him only. Little talk about recent things, family talks, future talks, fight clarifications with a chocolate and chips made their today's meeting at the viewpoint.
"I guess, it's time that we should go. He must be looking for you na",she said,lifting his hand to show him his watch.
"Hmm...I will have to, right?",he didn't want to go.
"Yes",she sighed.
"Hmm..Okay. ",and he took something out from his pocket.
A gift.
"Gift! For me",she was shocked.
He just smiled.
"What's there in it?"she asked taking it from him.
He just smiled.
"Looks like a box. Lemme open it",she said struggling through the ribbon attached on it's top.
Finally the gift was unwrapped.
She was dumbfounded to see what was inside.
Beautiful set of bangles. 
"Happy New year",he said.


Monday, January 2, 2012

We Women.. Little hard , little easy.

Incident 1

"The one thing I don't enjoy doing with you is eating",he said.
"Eating? Why? Because I don't eat much?",she was surprised with this sudden conclusion jump of his'.
"No, not because of that",he still kept it short.
"Then?",she was now more curious to know the real reason.
"I don't enjoy eating with you because when I eat from your plate you don't eat from mine in return", came his explanation.
"What...But I don't eat not that I don't want to but because I never feel the urge to eat anything from your plate. I never felt that I should eat from yours because I feel well content with whatever I have in my plate."she replied back.
"Yea.that I know. That you don't mind people eating from your plate but when the other person doesn't does the same with me I feel a bit awkward.",came his explanation.
"But that's formality you see that's not being frank with the person you are with. And come-on. it's been more than 3 years that we have been together but still you said this. Totally unexpected.",and the conversation ended with both of them not talking for few minutes.

These men think we don't do what we feel like doing. But that's not the case. We have our limits and we women are well satiated with whatever we are provided with, at times of-course, leave aside the jewellery and shopping stuff but these men, they think that we don't feel content like they never are.

Incident 2

"Hey", and he slapped her, though it was just as if he touched his hand on her face, a very swift slap it was but it was a slap!
She smiled,"Why do you always have to slap me, huh",she asked.
"Just like that. I love slapping you actually",came the clever answer with the wicked smile.
"Your cheeks are simply so chubby that I can't really hold back my hands from slapping you. Please please allow me to give you one tight one na, I always hit you softly, let's go for a hard one na ,Please.",he requested.
"One tight slap!",she freaked.
"No, are you mad. No ways. Me allowing you to slap me doesn't mean you can  actually slap me!",she backed out.
"Please na, in return you too can slap me. Promise. I won't say anything. Slap me as many times as you want to. I won't be offended, I promise",and he lifted her hand to touch his cheeks, telling her that she had the liberty to slap him now.
She backed her hand backwards.
"No! Why would I slap you",she giggled, though she was scared too as she knew he was a guy who could do anything and right now all she needed to be afraid of, was his idea of slapping her!
"But I always hit you na, so you too please hit me too na. I will feel good! Come-on, don't be scared of me",he joked!
"Noo...I don't feel like hitting you that's why I don't do it. Am not scared of anybody, especially you!", she replied.
"Really, you are not scared of me!",he asked.
"Yes, am not!",came the reply
And then came another slap, a tight one this time!

Why men think we women are weak or afraid of showing them our strength. Of-course we are physically not so strong as they are but the little incidents,like the one mentioned above, where we are pushed to show our strength are not really the deciding stages as to how much strong we women are, as we Women symbolize Love and support :)

We Women are made by God to shower love, bound purity of soul and spread happiness. We have it in our nature to absorb all the pain and are blessed with the magical power to convert it into blissful happy notes of life.


                                              Happy New Year !

Yea, the year 2012 has begun and so has the time to be back to blogging world arrived for me. Year 2011 has been a year of many mixed emotions and this not being a personal blog, don't expect I would be detailing out the details from my personal life but just to give a hint of as to how the year has been for me, I would like to share one of my Facebook update,

                    Year 2011 started with things that I don't wanna ever recall  
Year 2011 is ending with things,I would love to remember throughout my life ♥                                        Wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead :)

Things were different on January 1st,2011 and are totally the opposite on January 1st,2012. I won't complain about 2011 as being the most depressing and pathetic year but it did bring along some happiness at the end, hence proven, after every dark night comes the brightest sunlight.

A big thank you to all the readers who have been reading and also a big thanks to all those who took the pain to comment on some of the blog posts and mark them as cool,funny or interesting. Guys. your comments and response mean a lot to me. The followers list got big but my laziness at blogging frequently still hinders my path of being famous :P Blame it all on the hectic college and academic schedule, plus now I have a  job in totally different field to keep up-to but my love for my baby is never gonna die. I will keep blogging, no matter how infrequently but I can never ever leave my love for writing. And maybe someday, I too will have a big followers list ;)

So people, if you are reading this, I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year once again. May God fulfill all your wishes and grant you all the happiness and prosperity in this world. See you soon in this new year with some new fresh mind boggling posts. It's time that I blog seriously, regularly,  ;)

P.S. : Another two states will be finished soon (PROMISE) and soon a flow of fresh romantic, emotional series will flow on [ages from, Diary of a Lost Girl plus the blogger has also been working on some other topics :P  Now, no more speaking only writing doing !

Meanwhile you can hit the like button for Facebook page
or be a follower here :D to read the blogger's thoughts.
I also have another blog, if by chance you happen to know, a personal collection of all my creations till now,
Follow it if you like it :)
Till then,
Keep shining and smiling :)


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