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Monday, December 15, 2014

Acid Attack !

Scene 1

"I Love You"
"Shut up. Go away else I will complain to your father about it", she giggled and ran away.
Vikrant was madly in love with Shreya. Little did she know that love was growing into madness.
Many a times his love had been rejected by her. So was the reason for his anger to increase day by day.
Breaking things out of frustration and anger was becoming his everyday habit.

Scene 2

"I Told you not to let her arm go that day", said his one friend.
"Yes Bhai, true. You should make your point firm and clear that she has to think about you and no one else. You have to be strict with her as I heard that her parents are thinking of marrying her off with that Rajeev, son of that rich lala from the corner sweet shop", came the suggestion from another friend.
"No. I will never let that happen", Vikrant left the tea party in anger.

Scene 3

"Shreyaaaaaaa", shouted Neha.
And Neha fell unconscious on the ground.
She was taken to hospital by the fellow passengers on the bus.
(Neha and Shreya were going by bus to college. It was their first day after the semester break. Shreya was on the window seat and enjoying the outside scenic view when some bikers came from behind and aimed a bottle full of acid right on the window where Shreya's face was. It was a well planned attack well executed by them.

Scene 4

"Hmm.... But sir, I am really sorry. I think it's good for both families not to proceed any further. There can't be any possible relation between us. I am really sorry", and the receiver was put down.
Shreya's father had been trying very hard to get an alliance for his daughter but the acid attack was not an easy chapter to be forgotten.
"How shall I ever get her married", sighed her father.
Shreya was standing by the door, listening every word that was being spoken about her acid attack.
She was ashamed for her fate, she was ashamed of herself!

Scene 5

"Arre bhai..look bhabhi. And she is coming straight here only. Now is your time to show who is the man!", all his friends laughed. Vikrant was sitting in the college canteen when he saw Neha coming towards him.
She came and slapped him tightly. "This one is for all the tears that you given to me and my family" and she turned to go but Vikrant grabbed her by arm and forced her to sit in the car.
Neha had come alone to treat him with the slap and now she was regretting her decision.

Scene 6

"Vikrant weds Neha", the message read on the mobile phone of Neha's father.
Immediately after seeing this Neha's father dialled her number, "Hello", tears rolled down his cheeks after hearing her voice.
"Why are you marrying that damsel! Have you gone mad! Have you lost all of your senses now? You have no respect for yourself and your family? Did you ever thought about us before making such a decision? Do whatever you want to do. You are no longer family to us now!" and he cut the call.

Scene 7

"Hey...bhai you are a father now!", shouted his friends in the hospital corridor. It was indeed a proud moment for Vikrant. Neha had given him the proud moment of becoming a father. World's most precious moment was being enjoyed by her family and husband infornt of her eyes but she had some other plans in her mind.
"Five more years" and she fainted.
"Neha ... neha .. wake up", came Vikrant shouting. Slowly she opened her eyes.
"Thank God you are okay. I was so scared when you became unconscious. I love you Neha. I owe you for giving me such a beautiful daughter. I am sorry for all the troubles casted upon you and your family in the past. Please forgive me if possible. I shall always take care of you and our daughter.", Vikrant said in a sorry tone.

Scene 8

Vikrant was dumbstuck. How could this happen. We were so happy till yesterday. How can life take such sadist turn. Neha had committed suicide. She had left Nihika behind her. Their daughter turned five yesterday and today she ended her life. She had left a suicide note behind.
"You never loved me. All you loved was your growing ego in front of your friends which was respected more after you throwing acid on my face. My life had turned into hell when you came into it. An alive dead body had married you not  result of a sorry and jealous range of events. I now leave you with her to regret your life and decisions made in the past. It's time for you to have sleepless nights worrying about our daughter, protecting her from vicious eyes of rapists out there, protecting her from being kidnapped by the human traffickers and most of all protecting her face from hose hands which can throw acid on her face. Now you shall understand the pain I was in!


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