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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Warrior (6)

I love her.
She loves me too.
But I love her more. More than I can love anything ever!
And I love her this much not because of her charismatic smile, her enchanting beauty, her divine love for me but because of her painful tolerance of my illness!
I am sick.
I am dying every breath I breathe.
Everyday is a new day with a new identity for me.
I wake up every morning with a new soul in a the same old body!
My brain tells me new story to live up-to every new day.
The girl who loves me has to remind me of my love for her. 
She bears my hatred, my anguish, my intolerance, my foolishness, every single day.
Every day she has to find new ways to handle my nuisance.
Every day she has to claim back her love.
Every day she has bear a fool like me!
She had  an option to leave, she always have one. I could have been living in an asylum or some mental care unit, living a pitiful life, a life as near to as death in this world.
But she chose to live with me. She chose to love me in any form.
She chose to be with me with all my madness.
She knows there is no cure for this ailment. Doctors don't even know what disease I have, what's wrong in my body. And surely they don't know a cure for it. But I am still fed pills by her, made to visit doctors every week, just in case I might get better.
But I know, that ain't happening.
The only cure for me is Death!
One day I will die.
Die of my foolishness or mad activities.
Die of my intolerance for leading this life anymore.
Or there;s more possibility of me dying because of my mad mad mad mind!
But God, why are you punishing her? Why has she to live such a life while she can be so happy.
Give her brain God, to think for herself. She loves me more than anything, cares for me like a baby.
She do it all to make me happy.
Because she says, I am her Warrior.
I don't remember the pains she takes for me but she remembers all the love I had once given to her.
She makes me remember my true self everyday. She loves me more everyday.
She loves to live with the new me every day.
She loves me more than I can or anybody else can love me ever!
Because she says, I am her Warrior.
The Warrior.

And he closed the diary after reading the last page of the black diary.
He remembered it all now. He had met her when he was a normal being. He was her batchmate in college when their flower of love had started to blossom. She was the most beautiful girl he had come across in his entire life till now. He had taken the vow to keep her happy till his last breath. He remembered how much he was in love with her. He remembered it all. Everything, all the details of his and her past started to show in his mind like a movie. And she had given him the name out of love for fighting against his unknown disease of memory loss, which he never remembered and hence every detail was written by him in this black diary for him to remember later. The name was," The Warrior".

Suddenly he heard approaching footsteps. He went to open the door.
She was standing there, smiling like always.
"Soooo.....  How's my Baby today?", she said in a pampering voice, pulling his cheeks, trying to figure what character his love was today.
"He's fine",he smiled.
"Okay....", she wasn't expecting such a reply. As everyday the usual scene used to be him in some character, reciting some statements, dressed in some fancy clothes for the character of that particular day.
"Who's fine", she winked, expecting to know his character for today.
"The Warrior", he smiled and fainted to death.

                                                               THE END

20 / 2 / 2012

Visiting the fair called "chaiti mela" was fun today.
But not in a mood to write much so will just put some pictures from there :)
Enjoy :)

The big heap of "Kanwaar". They are discarded like this after the holy water from Ganga is offered to Lord Shiva.

Water from holy river Ganga is brought on occasion of Shivratri and offered at every Shiv temple in their route from their home to Ganges and then back to their home from Ganges, day celebrating Lord Shiv ji's marriage with Parvati ji.


Things from the mela(fair)

Kitchen set

Play Mobile

Water filled play mobile. The rings are to be brought in the two sword like pillars one by one
The green buttons create water pressure that make the rings move inside the screen. It's fun to play this!

The Warrior (5)

                                                     The Last Samurai

With a shining sword in his hand, he stood firmly on his feet.
With a fierce look on his face, hands tightly held up, hair all messed up and clothes as that of medieval period, he looked exactly like a warrior.
A Brave Warrior !

Many boast of courage and bravery. Many say about fighting for their nation, country and kingdom.
But very few have the courage of being the one. The real one!
It takes a lot of guts to come forward and sacrifice your life, your dreams, your desires, your wishes.
It requires to be a real man to give it up all for someone or something.

And he was one of those people.
He was a warrior.
A brave warrior. Ready to fight for truth and self respect. 
A man of his words, a man of actions.
A true warrior he was!

"I am the Ruler, I am the King ".
"I shall kill all evil and rule everything"
"No lies will be kept, no secrets shall be hidden"
"I will bring peace and harmony to everyone bonded with me"
"As I am, The Last Samurai"

The words were loud enough to grab her attention.
She was working in the kitchen garden and had left him upstairs in his bed. He was unwell.
He was supposed to be resting in bed but there he was, in the living room, dressed as a warrior, reciting loudly the particular set of lines he had seen in some samurai movie someday.
He was sick!

She hurried to him, he was falling down.
" a warrior.", came the words from his mouth as he continued falling to ground.
Being unconscious he was conscious enough to know what to say and how to act accordingly.
He was a warrior today, The Last Samurai.
He was lying flat on ground now, she reached seconds later. She took him to his bed up-stairs again, with the help of a servant.
The servant left, now she was alone with him in the room.
He was sound asleep. Sleeping like a baby, lost in his own kingdom of dreams in sleep. Relaxed smile was visible. 
She stood by the bedside. Sobbing.

"My Warrior. How can I help you", she thought in her mind and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Warrior (4)

                                      The Student (contd...)

She was smiling.
She knew he was bound to come to her, bound to be her student. But not so easily and soon.
A test was bound to be passed for her to be his teacher.

"So, why you want to be my student?", she asked, calmly.
He was quiet.
"What you want to study?", came the next question.
Again no reply.
"Why are you here? What brings you to this university? You must be knowing that this ain't no ordinary subject that you wish to study and I ain't any easy professor to please to join the course".
Questions kept coming but no reply was made.
He was simply allowing her to fill the pitcher with her questions just to put the lid of his reply at the top of it, giving all the replies in one go for all her questions.

She seemed to be in no hurry. She relaxed her back, by pulling the back of her chair a little lower towards backward, looking at him, in expectation of an answer.
She knew, he was no easy man.
"Alright, Just satiate my curiosity, Why should I be your teacher?", she asked and waited for an answer.
She was sure one would come.
And one did come.
"I want to be your sincere-most student and I know I have the potential to be the most obedient and brightest student of the special subject you teach, the link between magic and occult powers".
The glow in his eyes for triumph over her soul could be very well seen. 
He knew she was impressed. And she was, but still wanted to hear more.
"I love occult and magic involved in your research and writings. I have read all of your books",he said pointing to neat pile of books penned by her on the table.
"I know God exists and I believe one day I too will come to know the reason for my existence. And the only person who can help me on planet Earth is you"
She smiled and he knew he was getting his points clear in her head.
"I am here not ask but to sign my official letter to join this university as a student of your course.",and he paused.
She knew now she would have to take command of the conversation between them.
"Hmm...", she wanted to scream about his acceptance but she tried remaining calm.
"Alright. But one more thing that you should know before joining this course.",and she leaned forward onto the table to make her point crystal clear in his head.
"You need to be very focused and dedicated not only physically but also mentally. You need to devote yourself, surrender yourself as a whole to your teacher to learn something from her".

She wanted him! 
He knew what to say.

"I am ready to surrender my Love", but he got up from his chair.
She got up and went to him. 
He was her Love.
She was his Love.

Their meeting was eternal. Love existed in the hug.
"I love you too My Warrior", she knew his memory was soon to be gone and his love for her was soon to be forgotten by him.
But she kept holding onto him. She wanted the moment to last forever.
She wanted to Love him like he was loved never before.
She believed in the power of love conquering all sorts of tragedies.
She believed that her love will make him remember everything forever.
She wanted to capture the beautiful moment but before her lips could capture his', he fainted.
He fainted in her arms, body began to shiver.
She knew it was a fit!
Fit of Punishment that soon he would forget all!
Everything will be gone from his mind, like it never existed.
Tomorrow again will be a new battle, a new struggle to get back her love!
A new person to be fought against.
"I will teach you everything you want my student. Everything that's there in your black diary. Everything that you want to learn."
"I Love You my Warrior", she murmured in his ears while his body collapsed in her arms.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Warrior (3)

Read it's first part here : The Warrior Part 1: The Musician

Read it's second part here : The Warrior Part 2 : The Musician (contd...)

And the mystery continues......

                                                         Part 3 : The Student

Bell ringing in the background.
School bell!
Humming voices of people could be heard in the background.
It was all so noisy. Someone was happy on their boring lecture getting over and was bragging about the upcoming weekend holidays their family had planned, some were happy about the fact that a new course was introduced in their curriculum, some was happy about the fact that it was their lunch break now! Happiness in all sorts leads to peace in mind and joy in life. 

The sight of a guy, with his head bent on her table, didn't please her much. It was her lunch time and nobody like their lunch time to be engaged in some other work.
But she had a persistent smile on her face from the moment she entered the room and the moment he saw that man on her table.

He was a man of muscles. Somewhat near 30, tall, dark haired, but too tired to lift his face up and sit back on the chair. 
He was wearing a white shirt with a neat pair of black pants. 
His attire was nice enough for him to be a student at the university.
He was in deep sleep or was resting in much relaxed mode. Nearby noises didn't make an impact in his rest. He was lying there, on her table, as cool and calm as one could be as if in meditation or deep sleep.
No one else but students asking for special provisional chances to enter some special courses at the university
are expected at such wee hours of college.
She knew this was this going to be this man's case too, this being the thing most expected at this time of the year, but little did she knew that this was not that easy as it had been with other students.

Everybody else was busy munching from their respective tiff-in-boxes while some were forming groups to move to the canteen for their lunch. She wasn't hungry but was tired.
Swiftly she walked up-to him and gently put her hand on his shoulder to make her presence notice.

Touch felt in such a manner woke him up. He looked back, and saw her standing there, smiling a beautiful smile.
She recognized him the moment he turned his head towards her.
She knew him.

His eyes were a bit swollen, some rough patches under his eyes could be well seen, indicating his insomnia! Face looked a bit pale but skin was shining! There was something magical about him, something that she was not sure about, but something that bounded that soothing smile on his and her face, the moment their eyes got into contact.

"So,.....", she said, taking possession of her chair, in-front of him, on the other side of the table,"How can I help you...Mr..".
He kept quiet. Staring at her beauty or maybe was trying to discover what to say, she could hardly make that out but one thing she was sure about, that she was being stared at by him. 
His persistent stare for some minutes, with her blabbering about the rules and regulations of getting admission into any course at such time of the year, made her uncomfortable.
"Excuse me...Mr....", she stopped,"Are you listening to what I am saying?",Irritation was nowhere to be seen in her voice though.
She waited for a reply. Waited and waited.
But none came.
She was still smiling. He was simply staring at her.
"Sir....??", she asked,"I would be very be pleased to know as to how I can help you."
Silence prevailed between them for few seconds and then came the reply.
"Only you can help me",he answered plainly.
She smiled more than before on his reply.
As this was what she wanted to hear!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebration Of Love!

Valentine's day is near to it's end. Within few hours, no more red balloons on the streets will be floating, no more roses would be bought, no more gifts will be wrapped up in heart sticker-ed papers, no more couples would be seen walking hands in hands wearing red in parks and malls etc.

But but but.......The essence of love will always float in the air.
And twilight is to love for me. 
Edward and Bella share such a divine relationship, that though everything is ficiton still it looks so real on screen.
So here's is to their love and here's is to my love for Twilight.
                                                                                         Happy Valentines Day !

Monday, February 6, 2012

And the Award goes to.....!

The girl has been awarded  "The Versatile Blogger" Award!
Thanks to Prabhavathi for giving me this honor :)
It's a pleasure to received an award from totally someone random like this. 
It feels great when one day you open your blog and you see a comment from a fellow blogger about you being given an award on her blog piece :)
It was awarded long back, 19th December 2011 to be precise but I only came to know about it few days back and I guess this is the perfect time as this being the birthday month!! Yes, loads of Birthday posts coming soon.
Also now I too have something to flaunt on my blog :P This being my first ever blog award :)
Thanks a tonn Prabhavati for the award :)

But with awards comes some rules and responsibilities to be followed and taken.
So this award comes with certain rules and they are as follows 
* Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
* Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
* Share 7 random things about yourself
* Thank the Blogger who nominated you
* Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

So starting off with the rulea, am supposed to say 7 things about me so here goes the points : 
1. I am a passionate blogger but academics and life are the biggest enemies between me and my love, Pages from, Diary of a Lost Girl.
2. I get immense joy to see a new follower or a commentor even a new visitor in the Feedjit Gadget, hence I open my blog every then and now.
3. I manage seperate Facebook accounts. One as a blogger and one as the real person I am not beacuse of the fact that I write things that I can't disclose or don't want my real friends to see but because I don't Want much of confusion adding strange readers in my real profile.
4. I am not much of a speaker hence I feel sometimes, I speak well when I write .
5. I love shahrukh Khan and can watch even his most stupid movie anytime any-number !
6. Also I share my birthday with SRK! Cheers!
7. I would one day like to publish a book and be known for my blog too :)

(There's much more to write than just these 7 points but not to worry, soon more will be revealed) 

Now time for responsibilities, to pass this award on to 15 bloggers, so here goes the list, 
2.Mystical Skeptical Me. 
4.Suvidha Agarwal.
6.Red Handed.
8.Chef. Dro
9.The solitary Writer.
14.Where thoughts are words.
15.Sourav C.Pandey.

P.S. : Fellow bloggers if you have already received this award int he past, then you don't have to go through the whole process again, just pass it on to 1 other blogger who would have to follow the whole process of celebrating it and passing it on to other 15 bloggers :)


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