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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lost !

"I would so love to wear a lehanga. I even had a plan to buy one but sadly couldn't", she sighed.

They were passing by some Suits, Saree's shops. 
Embroidered with various shining stone pieces, they all looked like river of cloth flowing in the showpieces with different colored stones in that river. All the dummies wearing those beautiful pieces were going to be in her dreams now for the next few days.

Shop by shop they went .Glaring into the glasses. She was capturing every style, every color in her eye frames but He seemed a bit worried. Little lines on his forehead could tell that.

"Hey, look. This one is pretty na. I have heard that Chandni Chowk is paradise for such work lovers", she said, pointing at some of the sarees adoring the showcases of some shops.
Walking in those streets, as narrow as they could be, was fun. Away from all worries and tensions for sometime, the whole thing was simply beautiful .

Window shopping is fun when you don't have the urgency to buy something that's certainly not in your reach.You can just carry on and on and on, staring at the things you like, without paying a penny. And at the end, get bored, and move on to the next shop to do the same thing again ;)

The day was one of those memorable days that she would like to preserve forever and remember afterwards. Walking up the length of the market, with such a nice company. Eating all those delicious foods and paranthas, food having the real taste of India. 

Trying things never done before. Away from the eyes of everybody, were these two souls, roaming around, chit-chatting in their own world about their own world, from stuff about first semester of college to their present day placement scenario. From their likes and dislikes about families to the stuff being sold in that market. From food to places, from market to college, everything was under their topic of discussion today. 

That long walk in those long streets seemed nothing to her, but he still had that worried look in his face.

She was trying, trying her best to know what could be the reason behind his tensed expressions. But since they vanished every then and now, she thought maybe the crowd and the place was what made him get those lines of worries.Also asking him the reason, didn't seemed to be a good idea.

But thankfully, he himself revealed the whole mystery of tension!

"Err...Where are we? Will this road end at some place or not?", he said, like a baby! Lost in the market but given a responsibility of another person to take care, whom he simply couldn't afford to get lost with!
And there she giggled!

"Oh God! You were tensed about this thing!", she laughed.
"Arree, of course these streets will end somewhere na, and then we will find our way out. So what's the big deal!", she said smiling.

But the mister still had doubts about getting out of the network of those streets, hence he inquired at some two three places, as to where the road they were on, will lead them to! Everybody gave the same answers,"Yes, you will find an exit just after walking some more steps,", "Don't worry, there's an exit at the end of this road to the main market area", " Yes, the exit is just few steps ahead".

But the thing that really did brought his mind at peace was the sight of the road's end itself. Those narrow street did finally opened into the middle of the market and there he was relieved of all of his tensions and worries. Then she bought herself a novel, they had lunch at the paranthe waali gali, yummy food served in another narrow street, but not too long this time to bring tensions of getting lost again! ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

His wish....Her wish....!

Down she slipped one side of her dress.
And a kiss was imprinted on her shoulder.
Away moved her eyes, filled up-to the brim with shyness,
and she felt a stream of thunder and cold flowing down her body by the sensation of that touch.
The lips made their presence felt for some two minutes, but the Love that was felt in those two minutes was simply unexplainable!

Meeting at the hill top was his idea. 
Sometime alone together, away from all worries and noises of daily routine, was how he wanted to celebrate his day.
He had made a wish earlier that day. 
A wish that only she could fulfill.
He had asked for something.
Something that was a step bolder, but also a step closer to her.
All he wanted was, for her to trust him forever.
To make his wish true, was her wish.
As the plan to make him happy that special day, revolved around her.
And this what, a girl can ever wish !

She trusted him, more than anything.
She loved him, more than anyone.
The love between them was different.
Hence his wish needed to be fulfilled.
As the day was just not any usual,
Today was his birthday.

She knew she had to make his wish come true.
But how, was the big question in-front of her.
Some fears, some restrictions were the things holding her back 
from making the first move.
But the people in Love, always know how it express it all that well.

He had wished for a kiss.
And the kiss was made. 
Not in an objectionable manner to either or any of them!
No boundaries ,no rules were crossed. 
Love finds its way, it's just that at times you are bound to the Watch.

The smile on his face after the kiss showed, he loved her move.
And the shyness and boldness in her actions, showed she loved him more than anybody could do!

Love is sweet.
Love is pure.
Just give it a chance.
And the whole world will be yours!

Friday, October 21, 2011

L for Love !!!

Her skin glittered like a white pearl, 
in the bright sunshine.
For more than an hour, 
the eyes had been watching each other .
Taking into consideration,
That not a single word been uttered so far !
As it was just the love in their eyes and the smile on their lips,
that was given the responsibility of  making a conversation.

She was sitting on the grass. 
Bent on her left hand.
He was sitting there,.
Watching all the movements his love made.
Her curls neatly flowed ,
from the back to the left side of the shoulder,
Down up-to her waist.
But some nasty curls kept troubling her eyes.
Pushed by the air, onto her forehead, 
they kept making their presence felt.
He was loving the sight.
And she was loving being that sight.
Alas, her hand got up to slide them back,
But gently those curls were pushed back by his hand.

She looked him in his eyes.
He looked back into hers.
Something she told.
Something he said.
Down went her eyes in shyness and little she smiled.
He smiled too, as he had just discovered, the love of his life.

Time seemed to stop!
Surroundings meant meaningless now!
Nothing else but the other person,
Seemed to be the universe for now!
Love in it's purest form, was being displayed.
As if the whole plan was made by the Cupids themselves,
For God to watch and appreciate.

He took her hands in his'.
Pecked a kiss on them.
And there he Protected his bare love, 
in the shield of his arms.
She surrendered happily, 
what else could she wish for,
but to find such a loving guy,
as that that she had just found.
There they lay on the grass, 
in the arms of each other.
The guy kissing her forehead 
and the girl resting in his arms.
They were pretty much in love
and nothing else mattered.
There the couple were lying under the sun,
showering love on each other.

Two people in love is not a striking sight to watch.
But Love as pure as this,
was surely a sight to watch.
There she stood, 
watching the Elderly Couple as they made love.
Feeling a bit left out and jealous, 
as she had no one to Love.
But then she smiled, 
looked up in the sky and said,
"Oh, God I thank you ,
for giving me this day,
to know that Love as divine and pure as this, 
can also survive at this age".
[Just a brief up : Here an elderly couple in Love was being watched by a girl ]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Innocent Kiss.

Sob Sob.
"I need that bird", and tears started rolling down her cheeks again.
More tears followed. 
And so did more cries and sobs.
He waited for her to calm down, sitting next to her on that raised platform. 
The bird had flown away so now nothing can be done.
But more cry continued.
She looked in no mood to stop.
He watched her from the corner of his eyes and could clearly see the tiny tear drops turning big with every fall.

Two little 4 year old babies, a girl and a boy were playing in the backyard of the boy's home when this beautiful little bird came and grabbed the girl's attention.
The bird came, chirped and sat on the stone lying near to the girl.
Girl was amazed to see such a beautiful blue-green patterned bird.
But before she could reach to touch her, flew away the bird.
And the crying had started.

He watched and waited.
Watched tears dropping down and waited for her to stop crying and get back to their play.
But she kept saying,"I want that bird", pointing at the sky where that bird had disappeared.
He was quiet.
She was crying.
He got up from his place.
Bent down on his knees and implanted a kiss on her lips.
She went silent.
No more crying.
No more sobs.
They both smiled and got busy in their play once again.

But the whole thing was being watched by his mother from distant.
At the sight of the kiss, she did smile but then called him with a stern voice.
He came smiling and dancing.
"Yes mother",he said, standing in-front of her, hands at the back, like an obedient boy.
"What did you just do to her ? Why did you kiss her?", she asked.
"I saw bhaiya ( elder brother ) doing the same when his friend, who visited us yesterday was crying in his room. That thing stopped her tears, so today I did that to stop her tears.", and saying so he pointed to the little girl who was busy building up a hill in the mud there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


[ This is a real conversation that occurred between two people, who loved each other, but at different times ]

IM Jul 04 1:05 AM

  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
      Girl .::)
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy ::)
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :all of a sudden u msg me
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :how are u?
  • Jul 04 12:53 AM
    Boy :are u fine?
  • Jul 04 12:54 AM
    Boy :okay...u dont reply:d
  • Jul 04 12:55 AM
    Boy :so i think u r busy or ignoring me
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM                
      Girl .::)
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM
    Boy ::)
  • Jul 04 12:58 AM
    Boy :say something
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
      Girl .:Sorry i disturbed you. Won't do that ever again :)
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :u didnt
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :say something...
  • Jul 04 1:02 AM
    Boy :if u say nothing what must i think
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
      Girl .:Nothing :) bye (xxxxxxxxx) .god bless you:)
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :  (xxxxx)
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :talk
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :i am sitting here
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :doing nothing
  • Jul 04 1:05 AM
    Boy :talk
    [But the girl never replied back to him. As now it was too late now to say anything. The conversation had already ended. ] 

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wait..

"Hmm, I know. Even lately Rajesh has been rude to me", said the guy wearing pink shirt.
The one sitting next to him agreed on his point.
It was 11 in the morning and these two guys were returning from their night shifts and before going back to their respective dwellings, they had made the choice of enjoying a cup of coffee along with some hot corporate conspiracies and office gup-shups . So could be well seen from their unman-aged formal clothes and their unkept hair.

"And did you look at that bitch Neha!", said the blue shirt guy.

"Man, yeah. What kind of a girl she is! Totally a shame on the female community!", said the pink shirt guy.
And they both laughed.
"Sshhh..This guy sitting next to you is listening to all what we are talking about", he said and blue shirt guy turned to look who was sitting next to him.
The scene was, in a mall, near the cafeteria, on one bench of three, were sitting these three guys. Pink shirt guy on one end, with blue shirt guy sitting in the middle and this young guy on the other end.
Now this guy seemed to be much younger than these two guys. He was in his cool T-shirt and jeans but was sitting there a bit dull. Hence he might have turned towards these two people just to listen to their talks for a  futile time-pass.
But those two guys were a bit surprised as to why would a guy like him sit at such an early hour and listen to their talks while he could go out and enjoy. It seemed as if he had nothing else much interesting to do but to sit and hear those two people out!

"Oh, come-on! Let it be na! He doesn't know either of us and also he has no idea as to about all whom we are talking ", and they both laughed.

This young guy was still listening to them.
His one hand was in his lap and the other was giving a support to his head while his eyes and ears were busy listening to those guys! It seemed as if that small baby was instructed by his mother to sit there and listen to those people and there he was,obeying his mother like an obedient child!

This continued for some 15-20 minutes and then she came.

"Okay, Shall we proceed?", said the girl approaching this guy.
"Oh, yeah. Let's go",he said lifting himself, happily, from the bench.
And they both left! And he seemed happy the moment she came.
As The wait, was finally over!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 10

Tamil Nadu express came and we searched for the coach for which we had tickets for, sleeper coach. We did find our train coach and thankfully the T.T. too. A talked to him, explained him things and hence he agreed to issue 3 tickets for New Delhi. Oh man, what a relief it was to actually know after so much of hush and rush that finally we will be on a peaceful train back to Delhi, without any fear of being humiliated anymore by anyone! But then, life is not so smooth baby! It's always a bumpy dumpy ride ;) And this is what actually makes it the thing called Life !

We got 3 seats. Two lower berths on the same side and one upper berth on the other side. Everybody was sleeping, snoring to be precise. And why not, not everybody's journey has been so tragic as ours. That we were threatened out by a group from our train at such point of hour! It was 2 in the morning! We settled down our luggage once again, patted ourselves for taking the brave step of getting down on Gwalior and then managing to get ticket to the next train to Delhi. We were tired but sleep was no where to be seen in anybody's eyes! I guess so much had happened for anybody to sleep! It was the first time for S, A and V too I suppose, that something like this had happened! But still we decided to give our strained bodies some rest. A and V have been up all night yesterday even because of S! And today too because of all this drama they just couldn't sleep! Sorry A, Sorry V.

Somehow, we went to sleep. A got onto the upper berth and S and V decided to sit for sometime and chat on the lower berths. They both had a breath of relief but not so soon! Poor babies! As Then came the devil! That idiotic policeman! A lad of some 40-45 years of age with a dirty mind! Yes, now you can make up the things he was thinking on seeing a girl with two guys, traveling at night. He sensed by seeing us that we were not the usual travelers of sleeper coach. Also S and V were up so late and talking! He came and sat on our berth! Tried giving some stern looks, thinking that could scare us off! S sensed another nonsense was about to start and again she was pissed off! Why does so much had to happen in one single day! God, Why? 

The policeman started talking to V. "Where are you coming from? For what work had you gone to Chennai? What's in your suitcases? Open your bags. I know what's going on here. I have news for such things to happen. And etc etc etc...this is some of the bullshit we had to face in this train too! (Please pardon my language )

I just don't understand why people don't mind their own business? Why do they have to trouble innocent people? Like the way this guy was treating us. He had no shame in saying all that shit ! As if he had no daughter, sister or mother back at home! A****** (Sorry for the language again)
He asked V to accompany him to the gate of the coach! He wanted money, that was clear. Because how could he spare innocent students like us at that point of time! Anyways, V waved him off finally with some money! Money does wonders in this world I tell you!

And finally, finally, finally, we were relaxed! Finally, we had no stupid thing bugging us! It was 4 in the morning. A was down now and V went up to sleep. So sorry, A and V. For two days, your sleep was totally ruined. But it was fun for S to have such chit chat sessions with them, turn-wise ;) And alas, came Delhi! What a relief it was to see northern region again! Suddenly all the so bad sights started appearing to be nice! ;) Yeah, we did miss our region. We North Indians may settle anywhere but at the end, we will always love the places we originally come from!  

And finally came the station, Nizamuddin. It was 7 in the morning! And we were finally home! This whole journey had a lot of turns and twists, a lot of drama and a lot of bonding! It was an epic journey!

( Next Read : What S has to say on her experience about the journey, Her perception about the whole thing, what she felt and how she tackled it all! )

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 9

We had no other choice but to escape. But the question was how? We had our luggage chained for security. So now we had to unchain it, gather all our stuff and get down, taking in consideration the fact not to get into notice of that group! All this seemed simply impossible to S! She was just so scared that now her faculties had failed to co-operate. V came to the front and suggested the whole course of action! Kudos to you V! You saved us all! A and S would never have got this whole idea of changing train at that point of time as S was totally blank as to what was happening!

A and V quietly managed to unchain all the luggage. We had 3 normal size suitcases,with one less heavy than the others, 2 shoulder bags and one hand bag! Enough luggage to escape a train in just 5 minutes. But Quickly we packed things to leave as all We wanted at that moment, was to get out of the train now, away from those scary elements.

But it was not so easy. Two people from the group were standing on one side of the door and the other two were standing on the other exit of our coach! So literally they were spying on us now as they had an idea that we will be going to New Delhi and will be getting down there only. But They didn't have the slightest idea that we can be so brave as to get down on a station at 1 A.M!

Quickly S was told to get into line of the passengers who were getting down from that coach. Hurriedly S got hold of some luggage and within a flash she was down, next came A and then V! The whole group was now standing altogether on the station watching in amazement our movement! They were confused and surprised! Just like a hunter holds expressions on his face when his prey, for which he has been waiting for long, escapes his well skilled and managed trap! Poor guys! All they could do as of now was to watch the three of us march away from the train.

Now that was a brave march, filled with terror of-course! ;)
When we got down on the platform, we saw them standing on our right, so all three of us started marching towards our left. A being followed by V and V being followed by S! They kept walking with their luggage, with out daring to turn back to see the position of that group. They were literally running! And thankfully, the train started to move as soon as they had got down! Else they had a fear that the group .
Those guys had an awesome look of pity, disgust and irritation of loosing us on their faces! Lol!
Poor idiots :P

Finally, the train left. What a relief it was for all three of them! But what now? At 1 A.M. we were at Gwalior, which is some 300 Kilometers from New Delhi! And all this drama wasn't known at anybody's home! So now the three of us had no clue what to do! How to get back to Delhi? The station was however too big and crowded at that time but still one can very well imagine what kind of people you get to see looking at you if one girl and two guys are together, even when they are friends only! Why is it so hard to exist in this crazy men world!

Anyways, V rushed to the ticket counter to check for the next train to Delhi. And he was told that Tamil Nadu express was coming in few minutes! So now we had to wait for sometime. However we had got a ticket but still we had to talk to the T.T. of Tamil Nadu express to arrange a seat for us!
So technically it was kinda Jab We Met scene there. Minus the fact that the train had not been missed unintentionally but intentionally ! ;) We waited for some half hour, had coffee, managed to pass all the staring people before we saw Tamil Nadu express approaching! The sight of the train was a relief now but still this wasn't our happy ending! Or S's happy ending!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 8

It was midnight. Most of the passengers were asleep by now. But three students were awake! Sleep was nowhere to be seen in their eyes. A little bit of worry, a little bit of tension and a little bit of threat could be seen on their faces. Yet A and V were trying to lighten up the environment. But it was of no use. A, S and V were listening to music and talking to each other. They thought they would pass time like this as early morning they will get down at Nizammudin station and then everything will be okay. They thought situation was under control! But no, it wasn’t! 

Those people were keeping an eye on the three of them now.  From their actions it could be made out that they had decided to sleep in shifts and keep a track of all our activities. But we showed no sign of fear on our faces. But then something happened which changed our course of travel!

One of them came and acted as if sleeping on the middle berth. The topmost berth on the other side was not taken since Chennai. Another guy from their group decided to sleep on that berth. Who would say or ask as to why he was sleeping there as that berth was not his! But who dared to ask or care to ask!

Only half an hour had passed since that guy had been acting as if he was sleeping, We all were talking amongst us, in low voice of-course, when he got up and started abusing us again. Yes, all three of us were bound to hear those abusive words being triggered at us by that guy. We had no other way to escape but to bow down our heads and listen to his shit!  S felt like running away from that situation and hiding at some place where she could never be found again! Hasn’t she been hearing enough since morning that now too she had to listen all this crap! That too pointed at her. All those shitty words that cannot be mentioned here, she was forced to listen. Everything was at stake! Simply everything! The feeling S felt that time just can’t be written or explained here! It was simply hell out there!

S started crying as soon as he stopped yelling! What else could she do! He not only abused her but also pointed at everything else that no respectable girl can ever tolerate to listen! But life makes you go through everything! Irrespective of the fact that whether you can bear the situation or not! A and V too were tensed now! They knew they were in deep trouble but the thing that was troubling them more was their helplessness! What could a 21 year guy do in-front of a 28-30 aged strongly built guy? We were innocent students, unknown of the evil tricks and plans that those nasty people could be seen planning now!

They all were up now! Planning something against us! We didn’t know what to do! How to react! How to defend ! How to protect! A and V were scared for S and S was scared for A and V! But something had to be done soon!  Situation was getting worsened every second now! And Train started slowing down! Some station was coming. And V said, “Let’s try getting back to Delhi in whatever way we can! “.  A and S agreed. They had no other choice but to escape that moment and protect themselves! It was Gwalior! And the three of them decided to get down!


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