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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Two States Part - 15

 "Oh My God !".
"I just can't believe that your love story began with a fight.A fight with no central issue",saying so Tiya burst-ed into laughter again.

After a while she somehow controlled herself to resume speaking,"But as I know you both are together so how did it all started again? I mean how? Who took the first step in talking to the other? Who?", and she spooked on Samarth as if a young child searching for an answer she had just answered in her board exam sheets to counter check.

"I know it just couldn't be her.I know her well by now.She is just too way beyond sticky with her ideals and all.So how did you manage to make it upto her all again?I must say you might have had a hard time getting back."

"You bet I did.But it was all worth it ! She is my darling after all", he said looking in the eyes of her .

"Ooohh..darling huh !", and she tickled Namita who was simply listening and blushing.

"Of-course you had to make up for your mistakes and what all you said in our first conversation isn't something what a guy says or what a girl expects ",Said Namita,showing a bit of arrogance there in her words.
"But then that's something that bonds us more stronger today.That's something which I will remember how we had our first fight! Unknowingly!",and she giggled.
"But Tiya madam ask Mr. Samarth how he made it up to me.That part is more interesting than the first because that shows how rude, how arrogant, how egoistic Mr.Samarth is but the most loving and caring guy at the same time",saying so she grinned at Samarth. 

"Yeah.Okay, I agree what all happened wasn't a good way to say sorry but then I did made up to you na and we are together now.So this what matters.Let's just bygone those days,such things happen in a relation!"

"Yeah Fine.As you please Mr.Samarth but one thing is......",and before she could complete Tiya interfered or she had to,"Well, Excuse me you Love Birds,somebody is waiting here for that part of the story to start , somebody.Right, so let's get started I guess.Comeon we all will have it with a pizza.Waiter, hello..excuse me...",and she went straight ahead with the order instructions to the waiter.


Tring tring.
Tring Tring.


"Hey, hello.Is this Namita?

"Yeah.May I know who's speaking."

"Well call me a friend or brother or cousin but I just can't see what all he's going through.So I just called to help you people out.This is Samarth's batchmate, Varun calling ."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 14


"Hello.Is this 90........ ?"

"Yes.May I know who's speaking?".

"Well, ",she said after a brief pause,"I met you on the train from Kolkata to Delhi", and waited for the reply with a shy smile appearing on her face.

"Oh my God,Oh my God,I.....I..I just can't believe that you called.Oh God,I am talking you. ", and he put the call on pause,covering his cell with one hand shouted at the top of his voice,"God thank you .Thank you very much.".

"Oh God,I am sorry to put you on are you?How are things?"

"I am good, am fine", and she giggled .
 "Actually I heard what you shouted just a moment back",and she giggled again.

"Hehehe..Actually I just couldn't believe that God can be so kind so I didn't delay a moment to thank him.I don't believe in him but I trust him ."

"Hey. Don't say so.God loves everyone.Between, The letter was nice",and she giggled again.She just couldn't hold back her giggles from being revealed on the phone.

"Hehehehe..I know I am a fool.But a fool for you.I am sorry, am not at all good at expressing things but I guess you got the hint to which I was pointing to."

"Yeah...I..did..It was not the usual love letter guys write to a girl.But I certainly respect your feelings and novelty and this is why I am talking to you right now...So..what next?...what now?"

"What..what next?I don't know,You tell me."

"So this is all?This is all that you gotta say to me?"

"Yeah, I mean what else?What else am I supposed to say?I wrote everything I meant on that piece of paper , everything, just everything."
"You are a really pretty lady and I do like you a lot.But we are totally unknown of each others life so how can I say or decide what next.I ...I just don't have any plans.I...I.. I just don't know ",his voice was a bit shaky but somehow he managed to speak it all. 

"How can you say so?You have nothing on your mind about all this?Really?"
"You mean to say you just met some girl on the train and she somehow appeared nice and pretty to you and then you write a lovestruck letter to her saying all that you feel,mentioning all the minute details of her face you observed and then when the girl calls you up giving her consent, all you end up with is ,I don't know what to say! You know this all is really embarassing now. You just don't know what to say. Disgusting !"

"I love you", he mumbled in a lower voice.

"You just don't love a stranger like this. out of nowhere. We are not living in a dream land or in a fairy tale or at-least I live in reality and guess you don't.This is ni way of saying or putting things.You don't know a thing about me and similarly you too are a perfect stranger to me yet I called you up considering all the honestly and respect shown in the letter but guess I have just made a fool of myself by calling you up,"and she started sobbing.

"Hey listen.....listen don't cry please."
"I am sorry.Oh..for God's sake please don't cry.I really didn't know what to say.I am still stunned with you calling me and I just simply said what I felt like.Please don't make a scene out of it now"

"Alright, now I am making a scene out of it.Mr.Samarth , what do you think of yourself.You are not a king of some kingdom that I being the slave got to follow your rules.I am so sorry that I called you up.I won't again."

"Yeah, please just don't.I am sorry that I met some so driven by emotions like you.I thought you were somebody a bit more realistic than everyone,somebody who would understand me .But I am so sorry that I was so wrong in judging you.Please leave me alone."

"Yeah, please you too leave me alone.And don't try calling me ", and she hung up crying.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 13

   "Remember na, How we got together?You remember na?You know na you are a fool, a fool for me!", and she giggled and hugged him.
"You don't have to suspect or spy on me Samarth.You don't have to be insecure.I know you love me and you know I Love you too.Then why all this Samarth.Our love isn't so weak that it will have such furies of suspision between us that anyone was cheating on the other.And you know it really upsets you as well as me when we have to fight over such petty issues.How many times do I have to remind you the promise I made to you. I will be by your side always."

"I am so sorry Namita.I didn't intend to bring this all up intentionally.It's just I really don't want to loose you,like I had that day."
"Arre baba, you are never ever going to loose me until and unless you do something really nasty like marrying someone else on my back..", and she laughed.
"Shutup.That's never ever gonna happen."
"Then you too shutup about that day.You know when a mistake is done,it's not committed alone.There is always two people evolved in the happenings responsible for it.I too , was at mistake somehow, that day.I just shouldn't have been so hard on you with things.I am sorry too baby."
"Don't say sorry.I am sorry too."
" this look is what kills me", and her bubble voice made the environment a bit light.
"Come let's go and have something to eat.I am starving here."

     They went to the nearby restaurant and settled down to eat.
"Do you remember all the conversation we had that day?Do you?",asked Namita.
"Yes ofcourse,I do.I remember exactly every second of it, line by line,word by word."

     "Great..! Then you only are going to narrate the whole thing to me then", said a voice from behind.
"Finally gotcha both! Hi, I am Tiya,I don't know whether my not so good roommate had mentioned to you about me but certainly I don't know a thing about you because she has been hiding it all from  me!Can you believe that, from me!And she didin't even tell me that you were coming.So to start off with,I would really like to know about how it all started in the first.So please keep talking else I will keep talking and You shouldn't just allow me to talk because....",and before she could say another word he took the command,"Alright, alright I know everything about.Everything that she knows",he said pointing to Namita,with a crooky  smile on  his face.

   "I might not be living with her but she always keep me updated her with all the happenings in her life, the reason to which might be quite clear to you by now I guess.So don't worry,I will tell you all.All about that judgement day,the D-day of my life, that not only changed my life but also my perception of taking things.It actually changed the person sitting in-front of you,a change that I cherish rather that regretting".

"Alright Mr.Samarth,I am listening,"
said Namita,supporting her face with her palm by keeping her elbow on the table,facing him,like a child is been told that a fairy tale was soon to begin !

Another Two States Part - 11


      She was allotted the lower birth on the same side as his, the two seats side.Her parents were in the compartment just infront of her seat. Now all he wanted was a chance! A chance to talk to her, to get to know her and exchange numbers for future contact. By now he was mad for her, he just couldn't forget those beutifuk eyes and the adorable look on her face he saw this early morning.He waited and waited.But luck wasn't being very much on his side now.

   People were enquiring the staff members about further updates on the delay of the train. Train would supposedly reach Delhi by tomorrow morning, this was the calculation he made.It was evening by now.The sun was beginning to settle down in the arms of the ocean, birds were quiet and calm now and trees were starting grow dark and shady by now.He watched outside the window, thinking what phase of life was he experiencing.Is he in in, what they call, Love? Is she the one? What if she doesn't likes him and what if she is already engaged? What if..? And many such interrogative questions kept arising in his mind until he saw her getting up from her seat and moving towards the end of the bogie.He immediately got up to catch her. And there she was. This time, alone !

  "Yeah, I know.I will be in college latest by Wednesday.God knows why this derailment of that train had to happen now only.Our train is late by some 18 hours now......yeah.", she seemed to be talking to one of her classmates back at college but all he noticed was her sweet voice.Finishing her call, she turned and found him standing just behind her.He smiled and popped his hand towards her, "Hi, I am Samarth".
 She got a  setback for a second.Wasn't expecting this to happen.In a hesitant but smiling manner, she replied "Hi, Namita", and shook hands with her but before he could say anything her name was called.
"Namita...Namita beta..".
"Umm..Excuse me..I have to go", her mother was calling .
He watched her going  and thus he too returned to his respective place in the trian waiting and almost begging God for just one more chance to talk to her.Luck has been smiling on him so he was confident he would get a chance, yet again to talk to her.And this time he was determined to say everything in a single breath, before her mother would appear or call her.

    Time passed and dinner had been served.People were beginning to settle down.Light's were dimmed now.Some had already fallen asleep but he was awake.Waiting for her to return on her seat and waiting for her to move from her parents custody.He waited and waited but she returned and fell asleep .Poor he.He wanted to talk but how.

      A sharp whistle woke him up.It was five in the morning.Train was supposed to reach New Delhi station at eight in the morning and his stop was a before that.What was he gonna do now?How would he tell her that he has started liking her.He had no time now.He got up from his berth to check is she was awake but she wasn't. What was he supposed to do now.His stop was arriving fast.
He got his notepad from his bag, wrote something on it and started walking towards her berth.He checked on her parents. Thankfully they were asleep.He quickly passed that slip under her pillow and before passing through her seat he clicked a pic of hers,while sleeping.
She was looking stunning, at-least for him, while sleeping even.With mixed feelings he stepped out of the train.He had written all he had felt in this short journey they had together.He had written his contact details and everything. All he had to do now was Wait, Wait for her to call him.

Another Two States Part - 12


              My first and last Love letter.    

     Hey, I know, we all start letters with a salutation but, to be honest with you from the starting only, I seriously don't know what to say or write.But I had no other choice but to write this all down, since you were sleeping and since your parents were near, I just didn't want to make it embarrassing for you.

    This might sound little odd to you but, I guess I have started liking you and from what I have seen in my life till now,I guess, I love you too.Please don't be angry, Please.I just don't know how to say it but its highly imperative that I must admit it.Since I saw you on the basin that morning, I have been thinking about you.What you do,what you study, what family and friends you have, what life you have and etc.I know I might be sounding stupid to you but Please don't tear this letter before I complete it !Please don't.

    I adore you,your voice,your eyes, your smile and to be really honest, I like you.It hasn't been a ling period since I have known you but from the past 24 hours all I came to conclude is, that you have that something in you that attracts me, that compels me  to think, that Yes, this is that person that can make your world a better place to live in.And frankly,I seriously don't know what that thing is.But there is something that forced me to write this letter down.Believe me this is the first letter of it's kind that I am writing to a girl and probably the last one also.I don't date,neither do I believe in all the modern relationship status, but I feel you are simply too precious to be missed.We seldom get jewels in our life and the one who doesn't worth one, when presented one, is the biggest fool on planet Earth.I am not a fool but I  want to be a fool for you.I don't wanna miss the gift that God has brought in my life.

       Don't be angry , but I kinda have been observing you from the past 24 hours.I might not be in a good condition right now to promise all the world's comforts right now but I can gaurantee you that I will always keep you happy,be it at any cost.I didn't get a chance to introduce myself so Hi, I am Samarth.And please don't be shocked ,I might not look like a south indian but I am from Bangalore.I am a Kannada basically,an aryan to be precise.I know you belong to the north and I to the south but do we educated people have to be bound by these boundaries now to love anybody?I like you and guess am not that bad to be hated by someone.

     I know we don't know each other but then life is all about giving it a shot, so why not try giving this a shot?Would you like to be friends with me?Or to be more precise, good friends?Or to extend it a bit more, would you like to be the girl of a madman like me ! Would you?

P.S. :Please try reconsidering if your answer is No until it turns out to be a yes.Please ,Please Please.
This is my number and mail id.Please reply in whatever form you like.

P.S. 2 :Am sorry.I am really a novice at writing or speaking kindly to girls.I might have sounded like a big fool in my letter above but to sum it up all I want to say is,Please say Yes.I love you.

you know me
Please do reply

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Two States Part - 10


             It was a bright sunny day.She was returning from Kolkata, visiting her relatives there.He too was on that train.They both had a common destination,New Delhi.Their birth's weren't nearby but as they were destined to meet ,they had the same compartment and they met, at the petty Indian Railways washbasin.

        They had an overnight journey to Delhi.So early morning she had gone to brush her teeth.Behind her, came he.
She had washed her face and had just lifted her eyes to see  in the mirror and  realized that somebody from behind was watching her do all this . She felt a bit uncomfortable and asked if he wanted to use the basin, thinking this as the reason for his gazing. But the scene of her washing her face and then facing him with tiny water droplets spread all over her face like mist water droplets on the petals of a rose flower early morning , had already made the way for the future Love weeds. He was watching her, starteld by her beauty, her long eyelashes, beautifying her eyes, short length flicks of hair coming on her forehead,damped with little water and she trying to push them away from coming in her eyes way to watch him.

       "Hm..Oh..No..You please carry on.I...I will use it later",he replied, as if awaken from a dream.He turned towards the compartment and she turned towards the basin again.She got again busy with her stuff but the guy turned again just to catch another glimpse of her.

   "All passengers are hereby informed that there will be a delay in your journey from Kolkata to Delhi because of derailment of the Boggy a few lines ahead.We are making our best to provide you the comforts promised and make sure the delay isn't prolonged for more than 2 hours."This announcement panicked everyone but there was somebody who was happy.Happy with the thought that he might see her again.
Hope never dies and hence he was curious now to see her now, Again.

  He had been allotted the lower birth on the two side births, being travelling alone.
And now all he was concerned at was finding her position in that compartment.So he started visitng either the pantry area or the compartments doors and even the place where he first saw her.Every hour he could be found at these places.
And luck smiled on him, but a bit.She came, but with her mother.

  She saw that.Gave him a smile and went to use the washroom.He was now standing with her mother.They exchanged a cold look !He had no idea what to say, so he just pretended as if to be enjoying the outside view through the door .He could see miles and miles of barren land with some small shrubs growing here and there with some big trees at a very far distant.In his mind , he was thinking or rather asking God, why she was with her mother, would he able to meet her again and get to know about her,why at times are mothers such a villain!
While he was just questioning things, she came out.Gave him a smile and went with her mother back to her respective birth.And one good thing he did was, following her to know her position.And he got that !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A bit of my creativity..!

I love being creative or let's say creativity is in my blood.
I ain't too good at drawing or painting stuff but I am good at using things creatively and making attractive stuff from simple things.

I can make an exact copy of the drawing and color it ,obviously ;)
Here's how a tattoo looked like, on the arm of one of my friend, Shruti.
The occasion was our college fest and we decided to participate in our friends event, Tattoo-augo.
We were supposed to make tattoo with the sketch colors provided and this is what I came up with.
However it didn't turned out to be an award wining one but I guess, it do looks a simple and quite attractive one.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Two States Part - 9

            Her heart stopped for a moment.Mouth opened in amazement ! Is it true? Is what she is seeing real? Can he be there? The whole auditorium was filled with applause for the amazing Fahion-o-Fiesta ramp walk. The team got a standing ovation from the designer and the Dean. She quickly hurried backstage just to make sure what she saw was real, or is it that she's dreaming !

            Certain things that we imagine are so beautiful that we wish them to happen in real, and when they don't , we dream and this is where the whole concept of dream comes from but can the desire of being with someone get to the extent that you dream of the person in your real life?Can this be explained ever? Logicaly,the answer is No! Heart controls mind or mind controls heart? Can this question be ever answered? Atleast Namita Can't! All she wanted to happen right now was to have a glance of him. Make it sure that all that she had seen wasn't just a dream.He was there and this is what she wanted to belive, happen and occur. She just wanted to be with him tonight. Hold hands,Hug him and tell him all that has been happening. But could life be drafted the way we wish. Wish with your pure heart and it becomes true was what she believed in . And true love makes true wishes.

               He was there. She just had to find a way to get to him. Samarth was there. He was a student of nuclear physics in the Institute of nuclear studies, Bnagalore. He was a kannada . Yes, he was south indian . Stories evolve and things happen. You can instruct your eyes not to watch this and that but you can never instruct your heart not to love him or her, and this something what happened between the two when they first met on that fateful day in that train compartment. Who knew that just an exchange of glance would bring these two souls so far that they now had started knitting dreams of future, their happy future, knowingly ignoring all the known difficulties ,they were yet to face. 

      "Samarth...wait ..!Wait Samarth, I know it's you. ", and shouting so she was running after a guy.The rain had started to fall and they both were outside the main auditorium in the campus premises.He kept walking, ignoring the fact that she was calling her name, asking him to stop."Samarth wait...", and she finally managed to grab him by his arm and make his face turn towards him just to see that it was him! Panting heavily she said,"Oh God.I knew it was you.Why didn't you stop." A different charm could be seen on her face , and why not ,she was standing in-front of  her love of life. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming? You said you had some prior engagements with your professors." His eyes were stuck at her face, waiting for her to stop, he was simply memorizing every minute detail of her beauty."Speak something, what's wrong? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?". "Just to allow you enjoy your life", he said. Not so simple answer was given for the simple question.

"Enjoy..what..?Enjoy what? What are you saying?"

"You said you were just a co-ordinator and not a participant but I just saw you walking down the ramp with that guy.I had come to surprise my girl who had always loved surprises but what I get to see , my girl walking down ,arms in arms, with a guy.I felt like a fool standing there watching the most beautiful girl,I had ever known in my life , going away with someone else."

"Don't say so Samarth. Why can't you simply tell me you Love me ! Don't you remember how we first met ? Do I have to repeat the whole thing again?", a placid smile could be seen on her face while she replied to him.

Taking her hands in his, he said "I am a fool .I don't deserve you or maybe you don't deserve me. But the truth is I love You ".

"This is just what I wanted to hear.I love You too !"


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