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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama !

[This is ain't no work of fiction.Yes, each word written here is damn true and showcases how people can be in this so called modern world]

The Chennai journey was quiet fun. It started on 6th September, from Nizamuddin, New Delhi to Chennai central station, Chennai. The 28 hours long journey seemed small with friends to chit chat along. I was expecting the return journey to be more pleasing than this one but then one should always expect the unexpected to happen. This is what adds spice to life, right!

We boarded the train at 7:05 pm which was scheduled to depart at 7:15. To catch the train on time, the three of us had been struggling in Chennai traffic from past an hour, in a tiny auto rickshaw, packed with the driver, our suitcases and the three of us of course. When asked why he was driving so slow, driver replied, “It’s too much for this petty thing to gain speed now”. Very funny!

But, we did manage to get on the train in time and our tickets were confirmed, though just 2 hours before but at least they were confirmed. Confirmed for the trouble that was soon to start. I was traveling with A and V. I am S. One girl, two boys, returning from Chennai to New Delhi, final year students, full with energy and enthusiasm for the new life as yesterday only had they got job offers, that too in Accenture, in campus placement drive.

It was a scene outside the auditorium that day to watch after the results were displayed. So we three were too happy to return back home with a smart job promise in our hands. So we thought taking home some special local sweets. While I settled down on lower berth of three coach AC Compartment, A and V went to buy the sweets. One side was ours, as in all the three berths of one side. We were traveling by Grand Trunk,36 hours journey.

I was making some calls when these people entered. At First they did seem to be a bit nasty but then I thought a little ignoring will be enough to avoid any trouble, but I was so wrong.

 There was this group of 5 people, aged 28-30.They  too were traveling back to new Delhi from Chennai.

While I was making some calls back home, detailing mother and father about the whole schedule of my train one of them, in yellow T-Shirt came and sat at the other corner of the other lower berth and started looking towards my side. Just to ignore this not so comfortable gaze, I swiftly moved my eyes from him. I waited impatiently for A and V to return I had to gaze outside my window, in the dark, just to avoid hi eyes looking at me. Why is it so difficult for a girl to be in this world. Also not to forget the fact that I am just any ordinary girl with a simple face cut and was in simple clothes only man. I still don’t understand why this all happened.

Anyways,  they returned, after a decade, or so as it seemed to me and we got busy in our own talks and that yellow shirt guy moved back to his lot of guys in the nearby chamber. I thought I had ended the whole drama here itself, but no, this was just the beginning of something which still haunts me to talk about !


@ngel16 said...

vat happnd next!!

Blogger Smita said...

Read it's second part :D.
It has been posted.


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