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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 6

But what could she say? And how was she supposed to say all the crap that has been happening! She was scared to hell now, thinking what will happen ! V asked her again. A said, " Did they say something to you". What was S supposed to say, she didn't know herself. But somehow, she managed to speak. The moment A and V saw her taking the step to speak, they jumped closer to her, securing positions not to miss a word! ;)

S told them some of their earlier dubious activities and comments she has been facing. But there was nothing that they could do! So A and V decided to sit next to her for the time being. Poor A and V. They missed watching tunnels from the open door of the train, which they had been enjoying and would have continued to enjoy if those nasty elements would not have shown up! They sat there for some 1 hour. S, sitting by the window, A sitting next to her and V sitting next to him on the lower left berth. On the next berth was sitting that guy, busy with his notebook! It was difficult for S to concentrate on the notebook and also to maintain a constant plain dumb look on her face to ward off the idiots sitting on the RAC lower berth and trying to make stupid noises, thinking as if they were looking cool!

A could see the exponential growth of worry oh S's face. The Gentleman thought she was crying and offered his handkerchief to her. But S was not crying at that time A. Till now you complain that S didn't use your handkerchief, But A you gave her your handkerchief when S was not crying and when later she really was crying, nobody gave any handkerchief ;)

Anyways, it was a little relief for S, as A and V were now sitting with her. At-least for sometime she had the feeling of safe in somebody's custody. It was damn scary for her to imagine what the scene would have been if she would have been traveling with some girl or even alone! However, in that case, she would have been in a flight and not on a train.

Moving on, it was dinner time now. The worst part about traveling in a train is that the pantry people keep on stuffing you with meals every then and now ignoring the fact that the energy, the calories that the passengers had gained from previous meals was still intact as where are the passengers supposed to utilize that in a locked train! S was going through the same scenario. Train food is not so pleasant but anyhow she did manage to finish off every particle of her Veg. Biryani that night! Things were little relaxed as of now. People had eaten their respective food and were now settling down to sleep again. Our destination was only few hours away now. Train was supposed to reach New Delhi station by tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. 

It was all normal, the three of us were busy in our talks when again that whole group emerged from nowhere! One of them laid sheets on the berth, to sleep S guessed. But no, they had other plans before sleeping. A suggested S to get down below that middle berth so that she could not be seen by any of them ! Clever move A, but sadly it failed ! 

After some 15 minutes they came. One by one, they climbed the middle berth. S was sitting just below that berth. Tensed and freaking out! In total there were like some 3 people sitting on that berth right now. And then happened something that triggered our troubles more! One of them lighted a cigarette!

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