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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wait..

"Hmm, I know. Even lately Rajesh has been rude to me", said the guy wearing pink shirt.
The one sitting next to him agreed on his point.
It was 11 in the morning and these two guys were returning from their night shifts and before going back to their respective dwellings, they had made the choice of enjoying a cup of coffee along with some hot corporate conspiracies and office gup-shups . So could be well seen from their unman-aged formal clothes and their unkept hair.

"And did you look at that bitch Neha!", said the blue shirt guy.

"Man, yeah. What kind of a girl she is! Totally a shame on the female community!", said the pink shirt guy.
And they both laughed.
"Sshhh..This guy sitting next to you is listening to all what we are talking about", he said and blue shirt guy turned to look who was sitting next to him.
The scene was, in a mall, near the cafeteria, on one bench of three, were sitting these three guys. Pink shirt guy on one end, with blue shirt guy sitting in the middle and this young guy on the other end.
Now this guy seemed to be much younger than these two guys. He was in his cool T-shirt and jeans but was sitting there a bit dull. Hence he might have turned towards these two people just to listen to their talks for a  futile time-pass.
But those two guys were a bit surprised as to why would a guy like him sit at such an early hour and listen to their talks while he could go out and enjoy. It seemed as if he had nothing else much interesting to do but to sit and hear those two people out!

"Oh, come-on! Let it be na! He doesn't know either of us and also he has no idea as to about all whom we are talking ", and they both laughed.

This young guy was still listening to them.
His one hand was in his lap and the other was giving a support to his head while his eyes and ears were busy listening to those guys! It seemed as if that small baby was instructed by his mother to sit there and listen to those people and there he was,obeying his mother like an obedient child!

This continued for some 15-20 minutes and then she came.

"Okay, Shall we proceed?", said the girl approaching this guy.
"Oh, yeah. Let's go",he said lifting himself, happily, from the bench.
And they both left! And he seemed happy the moment she came.
As The wait, was finally over!

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