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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Friday, October 21, 2011

L for Love !!!

Her skin glittered like a white pearl, 
in the bright sunshine.
For more than an hour, 
the eyes had been watching each other .
Taking into consideration,
That not a single word been uttered so far !
As it was just the love in their eyes and the smile on their lips,
that was given the responsibility of  making a conversation.

She was sitting on the grass. 
Bent on her left hand.
He was sitting there,.
Watching all the movements his love made.
Her curls neatly flowed ,
from the back to the left side of the shoulder,
Down up-to her waist.
But some nasty curls kept troubling her eyes.
Pushed by the air, onto her forehead, 
they kept making their presence felt.
He was loving the sight.
And she was loving being that sight.
Alas, her hand got up to slide them back,
But gently those curls were pushed back by his hand.

She looked him in his eyes.
He looked back into hers.
Something she told.
Something he said.
Down went her eyes in shyness and little she smiled.
He smiled too, as he had just discovered, the love of his life.

Time seemed to stop!
Surroundings meant meaningless now!
Nothing else but the other person,
Seemed to be the universe for now!
Love in it's purest form, was being displayed.
As if the whole plan was made by the Cupids themselves,
For God to watch and appreciate.

He took her hands in his'.
Pecked a kiss on them.
And there he Protected his bare love, 
in the shield of his arms.
She surrendered happily, 
what else could she wish for,
but to find such a loving guy,
as that that she had just found.
There they lay on the grass, 
in the arms of each other.
The guy kissing her forehead 
and the girl resting in his arms.
They were pretty much in love
and nothing else mattered.
There the couple were lying under the sun,
showering love on each other.

Two people in love is not a striking sight to watch.
But Love as pure as this,
was surely a sight to watch.
There she stood, 
watching the Elderly Couple as they made love.
Feeling a bit left out and jealous, 
as she had no one to Love.
But then she smiled, 
looked up in the sky and said,
"Oh, God I thank you ,
for giving me this day,
to know that Love as divine and pure as this, 
can also survive at this age".
[Just a brief up : Here an elderly couple in Love was being watched by a girl ]

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