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Monday, October 3, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 4

Finally some sleep, S looked so relaxed after that. Though she slept only for 2 hours, but at-least that insomniac did sleep. Breakfast time it was now. V was up. After sometime, A was up too. Morning was fine. There was no sign of those insane people. S was at peace but not for long. There they came, at around 11 pm. Some 3 or 4 of them. Climbed up their middle berth. S felt a bit awkward. She could be clearly seen from where the whole group was sitting. But God bless that idiot sleepy fellow on the other lower berth. He heard S saying again that she wanted to sleep. He wanted more room to sit so he asked if S would like to exchange places with him. S was looking for such an offer only. She quickly exchanged places. Now S was sitting on the berth, below to the berth where that whole group was sitting. V was sitting just opposite to S. A was sleeping on the top berth.

 S and V started talking, ignoring the fact that that group had started playing some cheap irritating music on their cell phones and could very well understand their language. The group was enjoying the idiotic songs being played by them, accompanied along with their stupid talks which were not so hard to understand. They were not talking pure Hindi or pure Punjabi. They were speaking some mixture of the two. But the abusive words, I guess, remain same in both the languages. Hence S could easily make out as to what all was being said to whom. They were making fun of S. S had been listening to songs with A since yesterday, with one ear plug in her ear and other in A’s ear. They were pointing out this today. As far as S can make out, they said,” Come let us also hear songs in ear phones. If you can hear with him then why not with us”. Some more things were also said but let’s not discuss them all.

S was tensed now. She didn’t know what to do. And if only V could make that out. Anyways, after an hour or so, they left our compartment. What a relief for S. Hence she went back to sleep for some more time. V got busy with music again. And she woke up only when it was lunch time. A was up now. And V went to sleep. Poor souls.  Am so sorry A and V. The whole shift sleeping thing was because of me. You both were very exhausted because of not sleeping well last night.

Lunch came and we had our food. Things were fine till now. We again went back to our music mode. The strange thing that S noticed was that every then and now, one person from that nasty group would try to look for what we people or what S was doing. One of them would peep from the nearby compartment into ours. God, Why can’t people just mind their own business. 

God bless that other guy in our own compartment ,on the other lower berth,that he exchanged places with S again and now she felt more safe and finally could escape those scavenging eyes! 
The train was passing through Madhya Pradesh. It was scenic beauty at its best outside and this noon was the only time when S actually enjoyed watching nature’s beauty at it’s best.
Poor Girl, not aware of what was going to happen next, she was lost in music and nature.


Rishabh said...

nice little pick you have got there. And next time you will always travel in AC 2 tier!

Blogger_smita said...

lol, yeah sure. Also am never ever gonna travel alone or with a girl ;) A guy has to be there :P

Anonymous said...

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