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Monday, October 3, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama 3

It was 2 am now. Everybody was fast asleep except the three of us! 3 idiots enjoying the journey! Listening to songs, chirping stuff, making fun of each other, this was how time was being passed at 3 in the night! 

We still continued with all this till I noticed that A could barely keep his eyes open now. V was busy with his own choice of music; he was not sleepy but was looking tired. A was sitting  by my side, trying not to roll down to sleep, foolish of me to keep two poor souls up all night. They both were up because S wanted to see the sunrise. Sorry A and V.

 By 4 am, A as well as V were finding it hard to even sit and hear what they were listening to! S was awake! Insomniac S ! Hence S made them both go to sleep. A straight away went to the upper most birth and fell asleep. V was a bit worried as to how S will sleep. She was having her hand bag, and two other shoulder bags on her berth. He kept looking down from his upper berth, asking S why she wasn't sleeping, whether she was okay or not. 
V, I must say, I didn't expect that you would be so concerned for me one day. And I guess, We all know why I am saying so :D Right A? Right V? ;) :P

Well, S wasn’t sleeping still. She was just cornered to one corner of her berth. V climbed up the other uppermost berth and fell asleep too. S somehow managed to half sit and half lay, to be in half consciousness, trying to stay alert. The guy on the berth had asked the three of us to sleep, V thought it was very kind of him to say so. A serious question to you V, do you still think that he was being kind? He was never kind !

  Anyhow, we three managed to sleep. S was still awake. A bit troubled with that guy sleeping there and a bit tensed, god knows why! It was 5 in the morning now, A and V were sleeping when S saw that guy staring at her again! Next thing S did was, made room for her to lay down, got caught of one corner of her sheet, pulled it to from her head to toe, and tried to sleep. Now stare you idiot, she thought in her mind! Poor girl hardly knew this was of no use. The rascal got pissed off here I guess . :P Go to hell, as if S cared ;)

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