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Sunday, October 2, 2011


She was busy working in the kitchen.Preparing lunch and breakfast.
It was almost eight o’clock and Neha had to leave at 8:30.
She was having an exam today hence was not giving her mother a helping hand in the daily morning chores.
Neha was busy mumbling the formulas and concepts in her room when she heard her mother’s voice.
Come downstairs and pack your lunch“,her mother shouted.
"Coming “,Neha replied back. 
In a minute Neha was standing besides her mother.Cutting apple into slices for the breakfast,still mumbling the formulas and concepts.

Okay, now here’s milk and bread.Make yourself a cup of coffee and a pair of bread-butter.Then you can go.”
 She had an exam in an hour! In an hour! And it ain’t was some school level exam! An engineering level exam.But Neha have always been a good daughter,an obeying all the order girl .

She took it as a pleasure to assist her mother in household work which is usually not the case for any of today’s age girl.She took this work too with a pleasure even though she had an exam.

Okay.I am done.I am leaving“,Neha said,picking up the cup and the plate of bread-butter.She had made herself a cup of coffee along with a pair of bread-butter,with butter applied on simple plain bread.
Why are you eating plain bread?Why didn’t you make a toast?“,her mother inquired.According to her mother, bread eaten in raw form was not a very healthy idea.Hence she always used to insist on eating a toasted bread or an oven-ed bread. 

Neha answered,in a low voice as she knew the reason was enough to make a spark for a fight between her and her mother early morning.

“I have to study.I will eat plain bread only today”,she made it simple,not to include any repulsive words to attract any argument.

“Why don’t you say that you like plain bread that’s why you are having it”.

“No mother.It’s not that.I hate plain bread.I love toasted bread.I love it especially with butter.But I love it because you always make me that.And today I am not having it because you didn’t make it for me.”,she wanted to say.But she kept quiet.
Quiet because her mother had a rough start in the morning with her father on some issue and she just didn’t want to annoy her mother anymore herself.Hence she decided to leave in Silence !

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