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Monday, October 17, 2011

Innocent Kiss.

Sob Sob.
"I need that bird", and tears started rolling down her cheeks again.
More tears followed. 
And so did more cries and sobs.
He waited for her to calm down, sitting next to her on that raised platform. 
The bird had flown away so now nothing can be done.
But more cry continued.
She looked in no mood to stop.
He watched her from the corner of his eyes and could clearly see the tiny tear drops turning big with every fall.

Two little 4 year old babies, a girl and a boy were playing in the backyard of the boy's home when this beautiful little bird came and grabbed the girl's attention.
The bird came, chirped and sat on the stone lying near to the girl.
Girl was amazed to see such a beautiful blue-green patterned bird.
But before she could reach to touch her, flew away the bird.
And the crying had started.

He watched and waited.
Watched tears dropping down and waited for her to stop crying and get back to their play.
But she kept saying,"I want that bird", pointing at the sky where that bird had disappeared.
He was quiet.
She was crying.
He got up from his place.
Bent down on his knees and implanted a kiss on her lips.
She went silent.
No more crying.
No more sobs.
They both smiled and got busy in their play once again.

But the whole thing was being watched by his mother from distant.
At the sight of the kiss, she did smile but then called him with a stern voice.
He came smiling and dancing.
"Yes mother",he said, standing in-front of her, hands at the back, like an obedient boy.
"What did you just do to her ? Why did you kiss her?", she asked.
"I saw bhaiya ( elder brother ) doing the same when his friend, who visited us yesterday was crying in his room. That thing stopped her tears, so today I did that to stop her tears.", and saying so he pointed to the little girl who was busy building up a hill in the mud there.

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