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Friday, September 2, 2011

Wake me up, when september ends !

  Uff! Loads of work to do and I am still blogging ! Sorry just can't leave my baby alone !
Alright alright, coming straight to the point, I am having a very hectic schedule these days. The whole day comes and passes by as if it had only 10 hours instead of 24 !
Yes! I am experiencing that!
My life is entering a new phase or let's say I am discovering a new phase of life. My college is about to end in some eight months :( I know it's a long time but still I will miss all of my friends :(
I am having a final year project to develop and run, two semesters yet to clear for writing Er. before my name, actually this is the reason I am doing this course :p
Okay jokes apart, I am having some entrance exams coming, sorry won't disclose the details else you may ask me the results :p.
Have a project and have to decide a team for it yet.
A Resume work pending.
A job profile to be created.
A head to toe search for a job, Am leaving in a week for that to some city other than the one I am currently in.
And and and, I have some family thing going on that's really in a bad shape as of now!Don't want to discuss it.
So here I am, announcing a month's absence from the blogger world!.
Also I have started writing for a new blog. All girls and boys reading this must visit .Darlings Of Venus
Cya People. Will resume blogging soon .
Oh Lord,  Give strength to my baby to survive ;) ;)
And before Green day fans sue me for catching their eye for their so much beloved song. Enjoy the video !!
(I know you might have watched it some thousand s time like me :D)

Wake me up, When september ends !!!!!!


Er. said...

All the best for your "unknown" entrance exams. Hope you manage an "unknown" score, too.

Oh, and damn you, I was "THIS" close to a post where I was about to post "Wake me up when September ends", sheh! :P


Also, since I am unable to make ANY comment on your other blog, let me put it up, here. (LAME, but do manage, please!)

"Shit, this actually reminds me of revisiting my bathroom *officially* for herbal purposes. Must be years, now, ah! Medimix, it is here, really. Though, the last time I used a soap, must have been 1764, or maybe."

Ah, that felt good! :P

Mohan S Raju said...

Nice and apt song for the post...!!

Blogger_smita said...

:D thanks :)

Arjit Srivastava said...

Oh, fuck, Disqus sucks, man. Spoiled my HUGE comment. Phew. The title? Perfect. 6 more days, and the song will be outdated, yet again.


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