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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good News Bad News !!!!!!

Tring Tring
Tring Tring
She hurried to answer the call.
Reason: It was him calling obviously.
"Hey.....", he seemed to be quiet happy and excited from his voice.
"So, tell me....somebody seems to have something good to tell me", and a lot many things started to churn her stomach with pain.
What could it be??
We visiting some good place??
Some good news regarding his home or job.
He’s getting her something??
What could it be??
A lot of thoughts flashed into her mind in those five second pause in their conversation.

He was giggling.
Tell me…what is it…”, she was more than curious to know what it could be.
Every second silence was killing her patience and increasing her curiosity to get the secret revealed.  

When you make up some suspense, it’s really important as to how it’s revealed in combination with the atmosphere built up for the suspense to be a great success.
The curiosity of the listener should remain till the last word of the secret’s narration.

She stood their dumbstruck to hear the excited innocence for the craze of ShahRukh Khan.
ShahRukh Khan’s new movie trailer has released”, he shouted.
Go and watch it now on YouTube”, and he hung up on her.



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