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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Two States Part - 45

Knock Knock.
Tiya was still asleep, unaware that Namita was back at knocking at the door.
"Cominggg..", she replied in an irritated voice.
Quickly she slipped on her slippers and went to open the door.
Namita hugged her tightly without wasting a second, Tiya responded in amaze.
She just stood there, trying to figure out what was happening. She didn't had the slightest idea that that morning could turn up like this.
"Good morning Tiya. Where have you been? I tried your number like a thousand times last night. Where is your damn cell. Didn't it ring or what?...", Namita was happy to be back but her chain of questions didn't seem to be pleasing Tiya.
She just stood and watched her getting her heavy luggage inside with tremendous effort and saying something or the other to her. She just stood and watched.
"Tiya....Tiya..wake up. It's 10 in the morning girl. Where are you lost? Don't you have a class to attend? ", she shook her and finally Tiya regained her senses.
"Oh Yea...Yea...Oh crap. I missed the final tutorials even! Crap. Professor will throw me out of the semester paper now.",she said freaking out. 
"Oh, don't worry. You have been a bright student and you are a good student. Everybody knows that. Just go and meet him after the class and make some excuse of illness or something. You know how to do it, don't you", and she winked at Tiya, who was lost again!
Namita was worried  now. What could possibly be the reason of the chappy girl going quiet like this.
She decided calling Rahul.
He didn't answer. She tried again, and again and again. Still she got no reply.
She now knew the reason for her silence but didn't know how to break it.
Tiya left for her classes while Namita decided to stay back and rest for today.

Phone Rings.
"Hey...You mind if I borrow your few minutes",he said.
" not at all. Tell me what can I do for you",she replied back.
"I just wanted to know her current position so that I know..",and he giggled.
It was Samarth.
Samarth had landed but hadn't informed Namita about that. He knew how much Namita loved surprises.
"Oh, So can you just....",but before he could complete she said,"Meet us at the cafeteria outside the college campus. You know where it is, Right?",she completed.
"Yea..Yea..that I know. Okay see you both there soon".
Tiya didn't want to go. Not because that she would feel awkward with two love birds but because she didn't want to be with two love birds. She didn't quiet wanted that Love environment to surround her anymore.
She thought she was good at hiding it all but she wasn't that good to hide it from Namita. 

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