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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Monday, December 12, 2011


"What happened?",she asked.
"Nothing. I just got up and the skin just got rubbed so it's paining",he answered, rubbing the back of his leg down the knees.
"Ohhh...How can that thing pain you? You don't even know how to get up",she teased.

They both had been sitting on a raised gravel platform when he decided to get down first and stand in-front of her facing her. 

She was still giggling! 
And he made a face and gifted a swift slap on her face!
"You get down then, then you too will feel the same pain!", he said, kinda irritated with her laughter.
"Why would I experience the same thing?",she resisted,"I know how to get down, I am not a child like you", and she giggled again.
This irritated him more. 

He came to her left side and sat besides her on the platform.
She was still in teasing mood! And he was still irritated!
She said something , he replied with something!
She teased, he got irritated.
And hence came the time for revenge.

He tangled his shoe with her slippers to make it escape her foot but un-fortunately he couldn't!
"What! I knew this intention of yours hence I had made a firm grip on my chappal", she said, thinking she had won but poor girl didn't know he was not such an easy guy to accept defeat!

"What? What are you looking at?"she said in a humble voice when she noticed him looking at her from sideways, breaking the silence of few seconds that had lingered between them.
And this was enough to distract her and the devil got the chance to play his best shot! There went her chappal, a few metres away from her foot, the flying chappal!

He had finally been successful in sliding away her slippers from her feet.
Immediately her ran to collect it and just hold it high in the air, taking advantage of him being taller than her!


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