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Monday, February 20, 2012

20 / 2 / 2012

Visiting the fair called "chaiti mela" was fun today.
But not in a mood to write much so will just put some pictures from there :)
Enjoy :)

The big heap of "Kanwaar". They are discarded like this after the holy water from Ganga is offered to Lord Shiva.

Water from holy river Ganga is brought on occasion of Shivratri and offered at every Shiv temple in their route from their home to Ganges and then back to their home from Ganges, day celebrating Lord Shiv ji's marriage with Parvati ji.


Things from the mela(fair)

Kitchen set

Play Mobile

Water filled play mobile. The rings are to be brought in the two sword like pillars one by one
The green buttons create water pressure that make the rings move inside the screen. It's fun to play this!


Mirage said...

What's Kanwaar?

Aww...that kitchen set...eeeep...bachpan yaad aa gaya!!! ^_^

Smita said...

Mirage : Kitchen set is cute, isn't it. That's why I couldn't resist buying it :P :P

For kanwar details, please look here :


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