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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Warrior (5)

                                                     The Last Samurai

With a shining sword in his hand, he stood firmly on his feet.
With a fierce look on his face, hands tightly held up, hair all messed up and clothes as that of medieval period, he looked exactly like a warrior.
A Brave Warrior !

Many boast of courage and bravery. Many say about fighting for their nation, country and kingdom.
But very few have the courage of being the one. The real one!
It takes a lot of guts to come forward and sacrifice your life, your dreams, your desires, your wishes.
It requires to be a real man to give it up all for someone or something.

And he was one of those people.
He was a warrior.
A brave warrior. Ready to fight for truth and self respect. 
A man of his words, a man of actions.
A true warrior he was!

"I am the Ruler, I am the King ".
"I shall kill all evil and rule everything"
"No lies will be kept, no secrets shall be hidden"
"I will bring peace and harmony to everyone bonded with me"
"As I am, The Last Samurai"

The words were loud enough to grab her attention.
She was working in the kitchen garden and had left him upstairs in his bed. He was unwell.
He was supposed to be resting in bed but there he was, in the living room, dressed as a warrior, reciting loudly the particular set of lines he had seen in some samurai movie someday.
He was sick!

She hurried to him, he was falling down.
" a warrior.", came the words from his mouth as he continued falling to ground.
Being unconscious he was conscious enough to know what to say and how to act accordingly.
He was a warrior today, The Last Samurai.
He was lying flat on ground now, she reached seconds later. She took him to his bed up-stairs again, with the help of a servant.
The servant left, now she was alone with him in the room.
He was sound asleep. Sleeping like a baby, lost in his own kingdom of dreams in sleep. Relaxed smile was visible. 
She stood by the bedside. Sobbing.

"My Warrior. How can I help you", she thought in her mind and tears rolled down her cheeks.

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