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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Warrior (4)

                                      The Student (contd...)

She was smiling.
She knew he was bound to come to her, bound to be her student. But not so easily and soon.
A test was bound to be passed for her to be his teacher.

"So, why you want to be my student?", she asked, calmly.
He was quiet.
"What you want to study?", came the next question.
Again no reply.
"Why are you here? What brings you to this university? You must be knowing that this ain't no ordinary subject that you wish to study and I ain't any easy professor to please to join the course".
Questions kept coming but no reply was made.
He was simply allowing her to fill the pitcher with her questions just to put the lid of his reply at the top of it, giving all the replies in one go for all her questions.

She seemed to be in no hurry. She relaxed her back, by pulling the back of her chair a little lower towards backward, looking at him, in expectation of an answer.
She knew, he was no easy man.
"Alright, Just satiate my curiosity, Why should I be your teacher?", she asked and waited for an answer.
She was sure one would come.
And one did come.
"I want to be your sincere-most student and I know I have the potential to be the most obedient and brightest student of the special subject you teach, the link between magic and occult powers".
The glow in his eyes for triumph over her soul could be very well seen. 
He knew she was impressed. And she was, but still wanted to hear more.
"I love occult and magic involved in your research and writings. I have read all of your books",he said pointing to neat pile of books penned by her on the table.
"I know God exists and I believe one day I too will come to know the reason for my existence. And the only person who can help me on planet Earth is you"
She smiled and he knew he was getting his points clear in her head.
"I am here not ask but to sign my official letter to join this university as a student of your course.",and he paused.
She knew now she would have to take command of the conversation between them.
"Hmm...", she wanted to scream about his acceptance but she tried remaining calm.
"Alright. But one more thing that you should know before joining this course.",and she leaned forward onto the table to make her point crystal clear in his head.
"You need to be very focused and dedicated not only physically but also mentally. You need to devote yourself, surrender yourself as a whole to your teacher to learn something from her".

She wanted him! 
He knew what to say.

"I am ready to surrender my Love", but he got up from his chair.
She got up and went to him. 
He was her Love.
She was his Love.

Their meeting was eternal. Love existed in the hug.
"I love you too My Warrior", she knew his memory was soon to be gone and his love for her was soon to be forgotten by him.
But she kept holding onto him. She wanted the moment to last forever.
She wanted to Love him like he was loved never before.
She believed in the power of love conquering all sorts of tragedies.
She believed that her love will make him remember everything forever.
She wanted to capture the beautiful moment but before her lips could capture his', he fainted.
He fainted in her arms, body began to shiver.
She knew it was a fit!
Fit of Punishment that soon he would forget all!
Everything will be gone from his mind, like it never existed.
Tomorrow again will be a new battle, a new struggle to get back her love!
A new person to be fought against.
"I will teach you everything you want my student. Everything that's there in your black diary. Everything that you want to learn."
"I Love You my Warrior", she murmured in his ears while his body collapsed in her arms.

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