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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journey, To Love her !

A bit hesitant,
A bit excited,
Heart pumps feelings,
Hard to decipher.
Ready to be conquered,
Ready to destroy,
The ruler remains unknown,
Of his own secret desire.
She enters,
Wishing to be respected,
He enters,
Wishing her wish
To be respected.
Talks are stampeded,
Slowly silence prevails.
Distance becomes unbearable,
Slowly it vanishes into thin air.
Souls come closer,
Closer to be felt.
Planets take their position,
For something divine to begin.
Hands hold the face frame,
While Eyes stare at the moon,
Each detail is studied,
Of the evening and the noon.
Kiss is presented,
Welcomed warmly by the female.
Male takes the charge,
And love begins to happen.
Hands move down slowly,
Configuring the neck and the waist.
Moving down they stop,
At the curved disturbances at hand.
And she is pulled,
Pulled towards him,
Firmly held in his hands,
Declaring not to leave her ever.
Souls are quenched,
Of the long killing thurst.
What else can be more beautiful,
Than to watch the cupids at work.
A kiss there,
And a peck here.
No part of her land,
Is left undiscovered.
Souls come closer,
Closer to bond together,
Souls need nothing,
But the bond of Love,
To be bound for ever.
P.S. : This is my first attempt at such kind of poetry. Readers, Please be gentle :) Thanks. Love.


Sourav said...

First attempt?

This was BEAUTIFUL. I felt each word.

Smita said...

yea Sourav, honestly it's my first attempt at such kind of poetry.

thanks for appreciation :) :)

Roshan Yadaw said...

i to hv few of thse type poetry to be completed,,aftr ma exam o vl work on thm,,

n tht poem is sort of inspiring fr tht matter",,,,
such a beautifl depiction u gave of such type f sentymental scenariozz"


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