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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Choices & Decision 3

She was standing on the street, waiting for him. He was supposed to come and pick her up. After a week they were meeting. She was excited to see him.

Busy in thoughts and looking for him in the passersby, her phone beeped.

Shashank will be coming to pick you up on his bike”, the message read.  She was furious.

Why is he coming to pick me when I had asked you? I clearly asked you for this a minute ago and now all this! And why would I sit on his bike and come? Can’t you come? It’s just a petty distance for you to walk and come and get me! I am not coming then!”, and she shut the phone on him!

Shashank was Akshat’s roommate. She didn’t like his skeptical nature for everything and was disappointed to know that her boyfriend expected her to sit at the back of his roommate and come to a restaurant while she was expecting Akshat!

Five minutes back she was so happy at the thought h=of having Dinner with his boyfriend after a long time. It was also special because of a festival falling that day. Since morning she was excited to see him. But he was not!

She kept waiting at the bus stop. She wanted Akshat to receive her. She was furious. Though she was ten minutes away from his house, she decided not to go. But her heart wanted her to go! Stupid heart! She kept thinking and deciding!  Kept dismissing his calls!

He finally came. Literally dragged her by her arm in the middle of street. And when she got to the restaurant, she was taken back to know that both the guys had already ordered food for two people only and were least bothered about her!

She didn’t eat and they both ate! Meal was packed for her but she was there for him and not for food! But she meant so little to him by now. It didn’t matter to him. He asked her a few times for food and then slept. In the morning she left.

Sarika was a fool! Fool to choose him and fool to decide to Love him!

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