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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Choices & Decisions - 1

You have changed”.

So have you. Now just get off from here. I don’t want to see you ever..ever!”, she shouted. And tears fell down.

I too never want to see you again now. Just fuck off!”, he too shouted.

In the middle of the street, two best friends were ending up their 6 years long friendship.

Nuisance was being said and passing people were the audience.

She didn’t want things to end like this. She had wanted to soothe things out and so had he. But he was not the same anymore!

Anger wins over everything. It shadows over your brain and snatches your power to think and make the right move. Similar thing was happening with her but sadly she had no one to take her to the right path. And Devil is always more powerful than Angel. Right path always seems darker in bad time.

She moved away and went the other way. Vaibhav stood there. Watching her best friend go away from him and his life. This was definitely the last time they had talked to each other.

Akshat followed her. His decision to follow her and Sarika’s choice to have his shoulder to cry on was another mistake.

I had never thought that he would do such a thing to me. Did you hear him talking? How can he talk to me like that”, tears just won’t stop falling from her eyes.

Hmm….” he tried to pacify her with a hug.   

Choices and Decisions. Little was she aware that the game had begun!

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