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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Two States Part - 7

        The party had begun.Loud music, clattering sounds of glasses and chirps of students were the remarkably noticeable sounds, making the environment so much alive.One night, where students allow their souls to blend with the nature of the party environment, let their-selves free to enjoy and have the happiest times of their life, the Fresher's Party !

      It was 4 in the evening and the side events had already begun like Who's Smarter, Can you Dance and Big Hand .The main party was supposed to start in an hour in the main auditorium with first welcoming all 
the fresh faces and then the Fashion Fiesta ramp walk followed by the short performances by participants of,Groove it. Namita was busy scheduling the ramp appearances of the participants when her phone ringing in her bag disturbed her conversation with her co-coordinators for the event."If you could excuse me for a minute", saying so she quickly answered the call, with a big smile on her face . "Hello". "Okay I get it. Hmmm... Okay okay I understand. No problem. Alright then, talk to you tomorrow". And the call ended, leaving a visible sign of sadness and dullness on her face. "Any problem Namita?,asked her co-ordinator, a batch-mate,and not to forget, now also somebody with a soft corner for our pretty young lady, Rahul.
 "Oh.. No... No, nothing.It's just nothing.Everything is fine.So what I am saying is, let's just get these...." and so she again made herself busy in the work while actually she was doing so, only to distract her mind from that call.We might try to shoo things away from our mind by indulging our-selves in other activities but some things just can't be made to fade off.The sadness was clearly marked on her face and Rahul sensed that.Sensed and decided to make the evening a memorable one for her.

          "Good-evening friends.I, Rishi, welcome you all to our Fresher's party.Let me not be bossy with you, as I am your senior but lets just forget the rules and boundaries and enjoy the evening.So let the party begin", 
 and so the evening had marked it's start.The first happening was the ramp walk, Fashion-O-Fiesta for the fresh faces competition.Many students had participated and the judges were, of-course the fresh faces of the senior batch.Seniors were lined up in the front row of the auditorium with students walking on the ramp, right in-front of them.In the background a rocking score of Usher could be heard, Namita was working backstage, helping students get in line.There was a long queue, everybody wanted to be famous and known and this was just the right platform. "Hello friends, My name is Supriya. I am ...," and so the participants came one by one and all gave their best, to impress the judges and the people to vote them to be the fresh face of the year.After the introduction part, followed the performance by individual groups of students.Tiya was performing too.But the main highlight was the seniors group, performing the "Right here Right now " number by Fatboy slim.It surely was the main performance, enjoyed by all.

         "Yes Rahul", replied Namita, turning her head towards him, but the words from his mouth disappeared the smile from her face.
"There is a problem !".


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