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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Two States Part - 6

         The day started with the bright sunlight falling on her face.Adoring the sun rays she smiled, first at the sun and then at her roomie, who too was peeping out from under her blanket."Wake you girl, it's a big day today." Yes,the much awaited freshers party was today.The events were supposed to start from the evening itself, followed by ramp walk for the main event Fashion fiesta which will not only decide the fresh faces for the year but also had promised for a rocking band performance tonight."I know Nimi, please two more minutes".Namita had got up from her bed by now,"Alright, but only few more minutes,okay".
 They both had so much understanding regarding everything that they never had fight over any petty issues.It took half hour for her to finish her daily chores and there she was, standing by her window, looking at the bright golden sunshine falling on the trees, bringing them to daylife from the night's rest.Sometimes it's just so satiating just to gaze at zero without a purpose, without any issue occupying the mind.But her mind wasn't unoccupied.Will he come?Why is it so hard to argue logically with some people.Why don't some people understand that their smallest action gives them so much joy.But then we all are handicapped infront of destiny as before time you will never get a thing.So she too sighed over the helpless situation she was in, eventually!

              "Alright,hurry up.Grab the parantha and walk fast.I am already late because of you.Hurry, we got to come back and dress up too.So hurry"Tiya was almost dragged out of the mess, then on the stairs and on the way to college.Namita was a punctual girl and hated who were not.It took her around an hour or so to finalize the ramp and Tiya too rehear-sled her act for the last time with Himani.
 It was 3 by now and they better were to hurry up or they would be late because students had already started coming in the best attire they can possibly have.There was no dress code for the party.The party had begun.It was going to be so much fun, So much thrilling and so much surprising for some.Both hurried upto their rooms and quickly got into their lucky shoes.Tiya was so excited to attend the party, and so was Namita but with a tint of sadness that she wasn't going to see somebody who she really wished to see.Tiya ,dressed in rapper jeans and cool T-shirt left along with Namita, looking beautiful in the green chudidar embroided with silver stones.She did made some heads turn towards her and gave Tiya a chance to tease her all the way from hostel to college."Okay Tiya,now I ll see you in sometime.Your performance will be in the auditorium only so after that we will enjoy together.Cya".And they both parted their ways, waving to each other to meet once again.
               And the tables were laid, drinks had started their rounds, students were chattering, boys selecting their dates for the night and girls trying to make the best decision.The whole environment was so much
 The whole auditorium was decorated with flowers and different cloth like waveforms patterns.It was all looking so perfect.Perfect for an evening like the students dream their freshers party to be.The events were about to begin.Students were enjoying rounds of drinks.The events were about to begin, students were queuing up, waiting for their name to be called.Everything was simply so perfect to be called the night of life, The Fresher's Party ! 


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