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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Two States Part - 8

         "Yes Rahul", replied Namita, turning her head towards him, but the words from his mouth disappeared the smile from her face.
"There is a problem !".
                  "What is it? What happened? Did somebody fall? Is anybody hurt ? What? Tell me",she enquired in one breath. " No, no.. nothing like that.We had planned the Fashion-o-Fiesta walk to end with our seniors walkiing up the ramp, in pairs with our Mr. and Miss fresher coming in at the last.You know we have got Mam such a lovely red dress.Our sponsors for tonight had made those dresses but evenutally we are unable to find her and our bad luck is that the designer of that dress is here.She is going to attend the last walking session, one after the result declaration of the fresh faces and the band performance with the Dean sir.I f they are not going to see their special dress, Dean along with the designer will kill us."

             "What are we gonna do now? Should we tell them that she is sick and apologise? Or should we go and first take Dean sir in confidence.I am sure he can handle the sponsors very well.
 "The tension was building up ."What happened?Where's sonali?Isn't she supposed to be here, right next to me?We are soon going to have these dance performances over and are supposed to take the bow being the organisers of this party and being last years fresh faces. Where is she? What's happening?", the tension was rising up with the senior Mr. Fresh Face asking this question.
 "I am really sorry sir, but we are unable to find her.And the bad news is, Dean sir would be coming to watch you both walking in our sponsors designer clothes for Fashion-O-Fiesta.",technically, Rahul was freaking out, " We all are doomed today.He's going to be so upset.I really don't know what to do.I don't want this to be my last organised evening.What are we gonna do now.That dress won't even fit anyone else....anyone else but..", and he turned his eyes to Namita.
                 "What? Why are you looking like that ?", Namita knew what plans Rahul had made in his mind.She didn't want to do that. " Yes, Yes, Thank God. We all are saved now.Namita will walk with you sir.We know she is a junior but the sponsor people and Dean sir are only coming for the dress and the band performance.They won't know a thing.Thank God.Come-on Namita, Hurry up and get dressed.The college is going to perform and then you would be going up on the ramp.".Rahul had devised and ordered people to get working in a breath but Namita stood there, frozen. "No ways Rahul.I am not going to do that.I can't." Get someone else.Ask somebody from out there.I ..I just can't do this",her hesitance could clearly be marked from her words."No you can do that.Come-on hurry up",now even the seniors had joined the voice of Rahul."Yes,now go and get dressed",ordered Rahul and with a heavy heart she had had to get going to the dressing area.The college band had started performing with students dancing on their fast remix tracks.
Within a few minutes, she was ready.In a red blood colored long gown, she was looking stunnigly beautiful.She did gave some heart's a rest for a second, to miss their heartbeat with her glimpse.And their she was, waiting for her turn to get going on the ramp, and alas her turn had come.Very elegantly, holding the hands of her senior, she walked down the aisle ,like a real angel, wrapped up in red silk gown.With a smile on her face, she greeted the sponsors and Dean sir, sitting in the first row and then she lifted her eyes to greet the crowd, she saw him, standing there amongst the students.She did look like a real princess and today she met her prince.

               He was standing right there in-front of her, in the crowd !


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