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Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Two States Part - 9

            Her heart stopped for a moment.Mouth opened in amazement ! Is it true? Is what she is seeing real? Can he be there? The whole auditorium was filled with applause for the amazing Fahion-o-Fiesta ramp walk. The team got a standing ovation from the designer and the Dean. She quickly hurried backstage just to make sure what she saw was real, or is it that she's dreaming !

            Certain things that we imagine are so beautiful that we wish them to happen in real, and when they don't , we dream and this is where the whole concept of dream comes from but can the desire of being with someone get to the extent that you dream of the person in your real life?Can this be explained ever? Logicaly,the answer is No! Heart controls mind or mind controls heart? Can this question be ever answered? Atleast Namita Can't! All she wanted to happen right now was to have a glance of him. Make it sure that all that she had seen wasn't just a dream.He was there and this is what she wanted to belive, happen and occur. She just wanted to be with him tonight. Hold hands,Hug him and tell him all that has been happening. But could life be drafted the way we wish. Wish with your pure heart and it becomes true was what she believed in . And true love makes true wishes.

               He was there. She just had to find a way to get to him. Samarth was there. He was a student of nuclear physics in the Institute of nuclear studies, Bnagalore. He was a kannada . Yes, he was south indian . Stories evolve and things happen. You can instruct your eyes not to watch this and that but you can never instruct your heart not to love him or her, and this something what happened between the two when they first met on that fateful day in that train compartment. Who knew that just an exchange of glance would bring these two souls so far that they now had started knitting dreams of future, their happy future, knowingly ignoring all the known difficulties ,they were yet to face. 

      "Samarth...wait ..!Wait Samarth, I know it's you. ", and shouting so she was running after a guy.The rain had started to fall and they both were outside the main auditorium in the campus premises.He kept walking, ignoring the fact that she was calling her name, asking him to stop."Samarth wait...", and she finally managed to grab him by his arm and make his face turn towards him just to see that it was him! Panting heavily she said,"Oh God.I knew it was you.Why didn't you stop." A different charm could be seen on her face , and why not ,she was standing in-front of  her love of life. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming? You said you had some prior engagements with your professors." His eyes were stuck at her face, waiting for her to stop, he was simply memorizing every minute detail of her beauty."Speak something, what's wrong? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?". "Just to allow you enjoy your life", he said. Not so simple answer was given for the simple question.

"Enjoy..what..?Enjoy what? What are you saying?"

"You said you were just a co-ordinator and not a participant but I just saw you walking down the ramp with that guy.I had come to surprise my girl who had always loved surprises but what I get to see , my girl walking down ,arms in arms, with a guy.I felt like a fool standing there watching the most beautiful girl,I had ever known in my life , going away with someone else."

"Don't say so Samarth. Why can't you simply tell me you Love me ! Don't you remember how we first met ? Do I have to repeat the whole thing again?", a placid smile could be seen on her face while she replied to him.

Taking her hands in his, he said "I am a fool .I don't deserve you or maybe you don't deserve me. But the truth is I love You ".

"This is just what I wanted to hear.I love You too !"


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