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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Two States Part - 40

Here Namita was leaving the hostel building with her luggage,
with Tiya waving her bye bye from the hostel's gate, and here, from behind, Rahul was approaching the girl's hostel building. However, he just saw Namita's back, still he was pretty confident that the girl's form, disappearing in the dark of the night , he saw, was Namita only.

  Tiya had just turned back into the hostel's building, she heard Rahul calling her from behind.

"Hey Tiya",Rahul called Tiya's name, before he could loose her, going inside the hostel's building.

  As amazed and happy she could be, she turned back to her and replied,"Hey. Hi Rahul. Good to see you. How have you been? How were your holidays?".

"Oh..oh..well these are quiet many questions to answer. So how about a cup of coffee?",Rahul said.

"Wow. He still remembers me, isn't it! He hasn't forgotten our last semesters spoiled coffee date, when the witch named Vipsa had ruined all the fun with her interference. What a sweet guy! He is making up for that. Thank you God. I am just so lucky! ", she thought in her mind. But before she could answer his invitation, her fellow-mates called her from behind.

"Hey Tiya, hope you are coming in a minute.",said a group of girl's from behind.
"We are going to start the oath of honesty in few minutes and hope you will be a part of it",and they all giggled.

"Rahul felt a bit awkward, being the only guy standing there, outside the girl's hostel, and being the most talked about guy in college.
Tiya too saw her hesitation fro standing one more minute there.

"I guess, I will see you tomorrow",he said.

"Yeah, actually I have to attend this thing where the fresher girl's at college are ragged in the hostel. Making them understand all the rules and regulations of our college and also of senior to junior relations",she said .

"Hmm..So will catch uo with you tomorrow"

"Yeah, yeah. I am free tomorrow. Will surely catch up",Tiya said.

"Okay then, Bye bye."


Rahul and Tiya had turned, to go their own ways, but Rahul called Tiya once again.
"Hye......Tiya..",he almost shouted on top of his voice.

Tiya, startled with this sudden call for her, turned at once.
"Yeah...",she said from distant.

"Was that Namita leaving? a few minutes ago?",he shouted.

"Namita, Oh no no. That wasn't Namita. She is still home", Tiya kept her promise to Namita but one thought kept boggling on her mind for the rest of the night, why was he asking for her? Why does he keeps asking for her all the time? Why doesn't he understand that Namita ain't interested in him. She already has a boyfriend to care about!
She decides to tell him all this , the next time they will meet.

The next day, she tried meeting up with him. But he seemed to be little busy with his sports stuff. She tried seeing him for the next couple of days, but all the time, Rahul had got something to occupy him from meeting her.

"Is he avoiding me? Am I being too desperate to go out with him? Or is he seeing somebody else?",these were the thoughts occupying her mind all these days. She hadn't heard from Namita too from quiet some-days. She had only got her okay being messages since she left. Tiya was all in a fix as to what could be the reason of Rahul ignoring her, but little did she knew that the reasons she had in mind wasn't the one that Rahul was avoiding her. Rahul knew, that she lied to him about Namita!


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