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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Two States Part - 39

"Yes, I have a younger sister. I must see her. She needs me. She's having a baby."

"A younger sister!"
"A baby...what..?", Tiya was taken aback by Namita's revelations.
"Just a minute. I mean.,..What...what actually are you saying Namita", and she got up from the bed.
"So you are telling me that you are going to assist your sister in her motherhood? Is that what you are telling me Namita?",she asked her, in a bit angry voice.

"Yes Tiya "
"It's very hard to explain and I seriously don't know how to explain that all to you. But believe me Tiya. And the saddest part is I can't tell my Mom about this all",and she started crying again. This time a bit more heavily.

"Oh Namita.",Tiya came close to placate her.
"For God's sake don't cry."

"No, I am tired of keeping this secret from everyone. But I don't have a choice. I really don't know, as to what I am doing is right or wrong. I don't know", and Namita started crying heavily.

Tiya could clearly see how concerned and worried this elder sister of a soon going to be mother was! She thought of not asking any more questions to trouble Namita.
"Namita, I trust you a lot and I know whatever you do, you do it with no capricious thoughts. And I know in this case too, you will do the right thing only.", she tried calming her down.
"So don't worry. I am with you"
"You go and take care of her. Now come-on, Stop crying now."

And Tiya somehow managed to get her cool down. 
"But, for how long will you be gone? And, are you going on your own? Does Samarth knows about all this? Namita, are you gonna be okay by yourself?", Tiya bombed her with her questions.

"Tiya, Tiya. I am going to be alright."
"Just help me fake my presence here."
"I will be back soon, and without any future troubles, I promise", Namita tried assuring Tiya.

"Okay, as you say. I know, you are a big brave girl.", and she hugged Namita.
Both the girls were now hugging each other, feeling the complacent warmth of each others hug.

"Okay, I should be going now. I have got a train at seven to catch", said Namita, asking Tiya to let her go off from her arms.

"Okay", said Tiya.
"Does Samarth knows about this?"

"Yeah, in a way, he does and he is worried about both of us too ."
"It's all so complicated.",she said , in a sulky voice.
"After I am done with all this, will tell you in detail. I promise",said Namita.And she started collecting her luggage bags.

"But, is there any probability that Aunty might call me?",Tiya asked out of curiosity.

"Well, it's only 0.001% probable that she might call you to know about my whereabouts, if I won't take her call which won't happen. So you don't worry. All you have to do, is just to tell people here, that I am still at home",she said walking towards her door with her luggage.

"Okay",said Tiya. She was sad to see Namita leaving so early. They had just met after the two months long semester break.

"Tiya, don't be sad. I will be back soon",and saying so Namita left.

It was getting dark by now, and she thought this might be the best time to fake her presence for the day at the college premises. But before she could escape the eyes of everyone their, Rahul saw her from behind. He saw Tiya waving goodbye to somebody, and he was quiet sure that it was Namita only.

Rahul had seen Namita leaving the hostel building!

      So Namita has a sister! Who's having a baby soon. But why is this a secret? Why? Why she wants Tiya to cover up things for her while she will be gone? Well, looks like something big is coming up to be revealed by Namita now !

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