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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 8

It was midnight. Most of the passengers were asleep by now. But three students were awake! Sleep was nowhere to be seen in their eyes. A little bit of worry, a little bit of tension and a little bit of threat could be seen on their faces. Yet A and V were trying to lighten up the environment. But it was of no use. A, S and V were listening to music and talking to each other. They thought they would pass time like this as early morning they will get down at Nizammudin station and then everything will be okay. They thought situation was under control! But no, it wasn’t! 

Those people were keeping an eye on the three of them now.  From their actions it could be made out that they had decided to sleep in shifts and keep a track of all our activities. But we showed no sign of fear on our faces. But then something happened which changed our course of travel!

One of them came and acted as if sleeping on the middle berth. The topmost berth on the other side was not taken since Chennai. Another guy from their group decided to sleep on that berth. Who would say or ask as to why he was sleeping there as that berth was not his! But who dared to ask or care to ask!

Only half an hour had passed since that guy had been acting as if he was sleeping, We all were talking amongst us, in low voice of-course, when he got up and started abusing us again. Yes, all three of us were bound to hear those abusive words being triggered at us by that guy. We had no other way to escape but to bow down our heads and listen to his shit!  S felt like running away from that situation and hiding at some place where she could never be found again! Hasn’t she been hearing enough since morning that now too she had to listen all this crap! That too pointed at her. All those shitty words that cannot be mentioned here, she was forced to listen. Everything was at stake! Simply everything! The feeling S felt that time just can’t be written or explained here! It was simply hell out there!

S started crying as soon as he stopped yelling! What else could she do! He not only abused her but also pointed at everything else that no respectable girl can ever tolerate to listen! But life makes you go through everything! Irrespective of the fact that whether you can bear the situation or not! A and V too were tensed now! They knew they were in deep trouble but the thing that was troubling them more was their helplessness! What could a 21 year guy do in-front of a 28-30 aged strongly built guy? We were innocent students, unknown of the evil tricks and plans that those nasty people could be seen planning now!

They all were up now! Planning something against us! We didn’t know what to do! How to react! How to defend ! How to protect! A and V were scared for S and S was scared for A and V! But something had to be done soon!  Situation was getting worsened every second now! And Train started slowing down! Some station was coming. And V said, “Let’s try getting back to Delhi in whatever way we can! “.  A and S agreed. They had no other choice but to escape that moment and protect themselves! It was Gwalior! And the three of them decided to get down!

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