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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 7

Now was the time to get real scared. S was frozen to death! They were crackling jokes on the three of them now, S, A and V! Also they were boasting about the money they were having,"What will the T.T. do?", "We have money power","We will do what we want to", Haven't you seen anybody smoking", these are some of the things that we could make out! Abusive words were also being showered upon us! Idiots! 

S and V were uncomfortable, ofcourse with the growing smoke in the compartment, but A got a little bit more irritated.
"Excuse me, Can you please go outside and smoke", he said to one of them.
This was taken lightly and a bit offensively! However A was successful in making them get out of our compartment that time but soon more trouble followed! The worst part here was, nobody said anything to those people whereas everybody has been watching what they all were doing! Cowards!

T.T. came alas! He came in our compartment and asked,"Who was smoking". He did look furious but did nothing! V answered,"There were some people here who were smoking". V, you shouldn't have said that but I know, I too would have done what you did if I would have been in your place that time. T.T. got the hint and went searching for them. S thought things would settle down, but no. This was just the beginning of the drama!

After some 15 minutes, they all returned. Burning with rage, they came straight to us and one of them shouted at us. "You told him na that we were smoking! T.T. told us that there's one girl and two guys who told him about us".
V tried defending,"No, we didn't say anything. He already knew that".
"So what? ", and he started abusing us all.
What wrong had these three students done that they were facing such a situation !
After a minute or two, contended that he had abused the three of us enough, he left. Scaring V, "Don't you want to wear your spectacles again?". We three were now scared more. 

S's parents were supposed to receive her at the station early morning but due to something, driver was coming to receive her now. But nobody knew what was happening in the train with her that time! S didn't know what to tell them and nobody did even ask! 

The group now could be seen plotting something against the three. The train halted at one station around 10 p.m. and two-three of them, got out of the train, stood outside our window, and were speaking amongst themselves in their own language, pointing and plotting something against us!
A said he saw one of them struggling in his suitcase for something! Now all this was enough to scare us all ! And with nobody to help, the environment was super tensed! What will happen?What will they do? Will we able to get home safely? All such scary things were occupying S's mind as of now.

The phone was ringing. But those people were nearby. S wanted to talk home and tell them about all that was happening. Yes, she was scared. She had been hearing and seeing a lot of shit since morning! And the worst part was, there was no end to be seen for all of this crap happening!
A and V decided to get down a station before New Delhi. A plan they thought would help to escape those people. S managed to convey this message to her parents. She thought things will just pass by, just some more hours and she will be home! But how wrong she was.

And the real drama started ! The real freaky drama !

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