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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chennai to New Delhi Drama - 5

People again went back to their sleeping mode. 36 hours journey was becoming tiring now. Everybody was stuck in the train with nothing to do but just to move with the rhythm of the train clutter. A and V went to sit by the door. Or we can say they wanted to have a session of boys talk where S was not invited of-course. Never-mind, she was busy sleeping ;) though she was sitting but she was in no mood to talk.

An hour or two passed. 
Passing through Madhya Pradesh really did offer a lot of scenic beauty scenes. The amazing greenery, the well planned vegetation and not to forget the tunnels, it was all amazing to see.

It had been long since S was alone, hence she decided to go and look for A and V. They were still sitting by the train's door. She went behind them and stood there with A and V's backs turned towards her. They didn't see her coming. S had just open her mouth to say something that she saw two men from that nasty group coming towards her. And one of them touched her while passing by. This was the limit for S to bear! She turned around and left before even making her presence noticeable to A and V. But I guess they did see her going. S came back to her berth. She was high time pissed off right now ! Not at anybody but at all the shit that was happening !

After some half hour or so, again those rascals showed up ! This time they had come with full intentions to stare and irritate S. Two of them planted themselves on the lower front RAC berth, one joined them later. There was a south indian guy on that berth, his age must be around 30-35. He looked sober but he was an idiot! He didn't say anything to those guys infact he offered his berth to them to sit! Ass**** ! (Please pardon my language)   

But it was really sad to see that the people were clearly getting the hint of the cruel intentions of those nasty people, still they didn't do anything! I am not asking for some heroic act but at-least they shouldn't have offered their berths for them to sit on and stare and irritate somebody!

S was sitting near the window. As firm and stiff as she could be! Having a real plain look on her face, never did she gaze at the other side but kept on looking outside the window.

It was 5 in the evening now. Sun had started to settle down. The dusky sky could be seen outside the train's window and the train was passing through tunnels. Those two people were now joined by a third person from their group only. They were commenting and laughing! Abusing language was being used. However it was hard to understand their language fully but little little could be make out! They were Pakistani's. They themselves said so to the passenger of the berth they were right now seated on. S was now more troubled. She was finding hard to sit. Thankfully, A and V returned! What a relief it was to see both of them! 
They saw lines of worries on her face. And with the teasing environment  prevailing in our compartment, they were able to make out what was happening to some extent. And it was now for the first time, that they asked S what the whole drama was! 

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KP said...

Hey though it is a fact, i liked the way and exact place where u have ended each part, just increasing the curiosity.. so what happened?


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