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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 42

Tring Tring.
It has been a while since Samarth's number has been flashing on her cell phone.
Finally the call was answered.
"Hello",she said, in a dull voice.
"Namita, where are you? What took you so long to answer my call? I hope everything is okay",he sounded a bit worried.
"Yeah, yeah. All is fine here. I was just....", her dullness was picked up by Samarth,"What happened baby? What's troubling you? Tell me, what or who has been boggling my sweetheart's mind other than my thoughts", he giggled, trying to lighten up her mood and he did succeed. She smiled.
"My baby always know how to make his baby smile na",she said, in pampering tone.
"Yes, that's why I am her baby and she is my baby",and they both laughed.
Love so pure as blessed the moment.
"Samarth....",she said sighing.
"Yes my darling.....",came the reply.
"Will we ever be together as one? Will we both be able to stand up-to everybody's expectations? Will our parents agree to our relationship?",she sounded serious now.
"Namita, I love you and this what you should remember and not all the worries. I am here to answer all of them. Yes, of-course, We will be together. Our parents will agree to our relationship. I will make them agree. I have got a priceless thing in my life and that's you and I am not going to give up easily on that. Just have faith in me and our bond. We together will make bend things our own way. Just give our relationship some time, give me some time to stand up-to the level that I can ask for your hand.",surely did he loved her.
"You have all the time in this world Samarth. I trust you completely. And I know, the day we will be together, is not very far.",she knew she had loved the right man.
"Yeayyy, now that's like my girl. Now listen baby, I gotta go. The job I told you about, I am looking positve response about getting posted in the North. I have a meeting to attend. Talk to you later. Take care Honey. Loads of Love and don't forget to smile that billion dollar smile for your love always, even when you know that I can't see it, as I can very well feel it. Bbye sweety.".
She laughed and the call was cut.
Namita was now again back to thinking mode, deep thinking mode.


"Neha Neha Neha.....What have you done",she shouted.
:Do you even realize the intensity of all the crap you have done", and she turned to Hemant,"And you, don't you have any brains? Is this fun going around here or what did you thought of before doing all this? That everything will be alright? That you both will be given a pat on your backs for doing this. Oh God! What on Earth did you both had in mind of getting married like this. This is no joke going around here kids. God!", Namita was really furious at the discovery of Hemant and Neha's marriage like this.
Back at home, earlier that day, Namita had helped Neha skipping from the clutches of parents as she was mislead that Neha wanted to go for a trip with her friends to Kullu-Manali, and being the elder sister, Namita had helped her, making parents agree to all what she asked for. Namita had faith in her sister and has hence not only did she managed her trip but also had helped her financially, but little did she knew that this whole was just a plain white lie. Namita knew, that no school trip was happening, just a group of 4 people was going on thier own for the trip, but the marriage thing and all was certainly not what she had dreamt about in her weirdest dream.

Neha never returned from that trip and eventually the group met with an accident. Neha thought of it the best plan to get away from her family and return after she would settle with Hemant. Namita was now blamed for letting Neha go on that trip. Namita was held responsible for her death, which had never happened actually, but Namita was bound by Neha's swear not to tell anything back at home.Neha needed time to prove herself and let Hemant too prove himself to her family and to his family. Life was suddenly so complicated for her. But she was living it anyway. It was just she had to bear with her father's anger after that, had to see her mother crying every night for losing her little angel, but she knew, the little angel was fine, she just had done a stupid crime which Namita was sure of getting her bailed off very soon.


:"Namita...wake up, dinner is ready", Neha called.
Namita was lost in her own thoughts when she sat down at the dinning table. Food was being served and everybody was ready to eat when the little baby cries made Neha leave Hemant and Namita alone at the table.
"I will be back in a minute",and just when she left, Namita turned to him.
"I have got all that you want. She doesn't know a thing and let's just keep her away from all of this. I want you to take some time off from your crappy job tomorrow and meet me at the Bikaji ICICI branch.Get it?', she literaaly whispered.
"Yea, I understand",he murmured, eyes down with shame.


Gloria e Rogerio said...

We love your blog is wonderful and will always be here reading all the news.
We wish you a great weekend.
Super Glorinha kisses.

Smita said...

Rogerio Rinaldi e Glorinha Rinaldi : thakns for following :) Keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

very good!

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