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Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Two States Part - 41(ii)

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
"He..llo....", Tiya answered. She didn't like the fact of being waken up by an unknown number at 5 in the morning.
Sob...Sob..."Hello, Tiya.Is that you?",asked a familiar voice.
Tiya immediately stood up to sit on her bed. The person on the other side was Namita.
"Namitaaa, How are you?, where are you?, why are you crying? Are you okay? What's wrong? Why haven't you returned to my calls? When are you coming back? Everybody has been asking a lot about......" In one single breath were these questions fired, Namita knew her roommates verbose nature, "Tiya alright. I just bcame mausi (maternal aunt) a few seconds back. It's a baby girl. She's so cute and lovely. I am just so happy",she concluded.
"Wow, am so happy to hear that you know", now she was a bit calm.
"So, when are you coming back? I hope everything is okay there now",she asked.
"Hmm...Yea, things are fine, but I still got certain tasks here to finish up before I come back to my life. I will be there soon. I miss you. I miss my college. I miss my life",she sounded a bit low.
Tiya sensed that."Okay okay sweety, I have 100% faith that my brave girl will do all that she is required to do.", and she giggled,"just come back soon. Am waiting to see you again as my room-mate".
"Yea, I too miss you a lot. I will now hang up, Love ya", the call ended.

Tiya was happy to know she was alright but why is she still there and where is she, were some questions she had been thinking about since Namita had left. But then nowadays she had better work to do. She had been lately exploring ways to woo a guy, Rahul. But he was nowhere to be seen lately. But Tiya was no easy girl, who would just give up so soon.


"But this is no way of living Neha. I know what I am suggesting is impossible, but still am alive, I am here for you. I will do whatever it takes to get you the best you can have.", Namita literally shouted.
Neha, Namita's younger sister, 19 years of age, had eloped in his school days with a guy, and had been living with him for more than 3 years now. The guy wasn't that much caring for her now and wasn't that good as she had appeared to her when she loved that dumb.
"I had warned you, that he's not nice. But you just won't listen to me", Namita was furious now. Who can see her younger sister's future and present being spoiled in-front of her eyes.
Neha started crying.
"I loved him and I still do. He's not that bad, he's just not literate enough to create a future for us. His family doesn't supports him anymore. Please di(sister), don't do this to me. You are all I have in the name of family", and tears started dropping.
 "Oh Neha, please don't cry",Namita took her face in her palms.
"I know, I am here for you always. Don't say so ever. I know he's the right guy for you. I have seen how much he cares for you, How much he loves you. I know he does to the maximum within his reach for you and your baby, but I feel sad when I see you both suffering for no reson. Why didn't you both wait for sometime before settling down. I would have tried something back at homes for the two of you. I just needed a chance, but you gave me none. This saddens me more. Why Neha? ", she also started crying.


Neha had liked this guy from school. She was in class 11th and he was in class 12th. Namita's batchmate he was. Namita could clearly see something cooking up between both of them in the school, irrespective of the fact that Neha never told her anything before the final day, she got that call, that changed things.

"Hello", Namita answered.
"Hello, di(sister). I need you as a witness,Please come to the judiciary place. We need you",she had cut off the call crying.Namita tried calling again but she just won't answer.
Namita hurried to the court just to discover that her a year younger sister was now Mrs.
"Neha,, what have you done. Do you even know what all consequences this might bear to you, to me, to our parents, his parents. What all problems all this foolish step will result into for both of you?", she surely was angry, but what coul be done now. Neha was a married girl now.

Hemant belonged to other caste. And it was discovered back at his home that he loved her. Neha's parents too had discoverd this fact lately, and they thought, getting her married as soon as possible was the best remedy to get off the evil thought of Hemant from her mind. Namita was kept unaware of the whole scenario, by her parents as well as her sister. But she was the one who had to struggle and was still struggling with the outcome of the whole thing. Things that had happened in the past were all moving like a movie in-front of her eyes, but before a tear could drop out of sadness about the whole thing, Samarth's number flashed on her cell phone.

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