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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Warrior.

                                                                    Part 1 : The musician

(Phone ringing in the background)
His sleep was disturbed.
The phone has been ringing for a while now. He gave the machine a damn look from one corner of his eyes.

It had been a rough night.
The sheets could tell and so could his banging head.
He pulled his body altogether and was now sitting on the bed with his arm on his head.
Tired of ringing the phone had gone silent now.
He tried figuring out what, where and who he was?

The room was dull lit. Curtains still up on the windows and only a ray of light was entering the room.

He got up from the bed. There were some newspapers lying on the side table. There was also a photo frame.

Framed with a couple’s picture in happy times.

He and a woman. He tried focusing on the picture to remember who she was. But nothing flashed. His mind was blank and still banging with pain. He tried looking around the room for something more, indicating about his identity.

Some clothes were lying on the floor. A man’s shirt, a woman’s top , shoes and some other clothes were all scattered on the floor near the bed. He picked up the woman’s skirt. Smelled the gentle perfume on it. He now could vividly see her smile in his mind. He closed his eyes and tried remembering. The sweet smile that used to make his rough day. The sweet smile on her pink lips, the dimple on her left cheek, the deep black eyes, the face was almost going to be clear when he heard clutter of bangles in the kitchen  and his focus was lost.

Where was he? And what was all this?  Who is the woman in the frame? And these clothes? Are the male clothes his? And what about the other pair of clothes? Of that of a woman? Who’s working in the kitchen? Where is he? Who is he?

It was all so hard for him to remember. His head pained more every-time her tried focusing on something.

He looked outside the window. The house was in a well to do location so possibly he wasn’t at a prostitute’s place. What else could be thought of in a situation where a man wakes up naked one morning in a room, with sheets and everything else in the room messed up, with no clue as to who and where he was!

The sound of approaching steps towards the room made him turn towards the bed. While walking towards it, a diary struck his feet. A black diary with a velvet cover.

He picked it up. On it with golden words were written, ‘The Warrior’.

The sight of the words gave him a bigger bang. He almost fainted but before collapsing on the ground, he saw a woman rushing towards him to get hold of him in her arms.

He was loosing his conscious. The woman was saying something but all he could hear before closing his eyes was, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you my Warrior”.  

(To be continued....)

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