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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hair cut

When was the last time you went for a haircut?
I am talking to girls, guys, I am sure you would like to pass this question and read on the full post ! 

Well, I went for a haircut a month back.
Shortening of my black long hair wasn't what I was looking for. 
I just needed the front ends to be styled a bit and the back ends, the split ends to be precise, to be cut off. 
As Simple as it could be, were my demands, and I swear I explained it as simple as I could to him.

But then the barbers or wait, for ladies, it's stylists, right (wink), they will remain what they are!
Wetting my hair, making front ends to fall on my eyes, making me to bend down my hair so that he could do all that trimming on his own at the back, I was starting to understand his tricks, but too late!

After the cut was done, my hair, earlier falling enough down the shoulders were now made to reach only shoulder length. I admit, I loved the new style, hair freed from all split ends and rough edges felt smoother, but the length is what depressed me.

And more depressing is what that person asked me after showing my hair to me in the back mirror, which they usually hold after giving ladies a haircut, showing off their styles at the back,"Madam, is the length okay?".

"How do you say?",was what I thought in my mind.

He asked so promptly as if I were to reply with a "NO", then he would have returned my hair lost length back to me!

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