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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Break - Up !


And he tried taking his eyes off from it.

“Hmm”, he sighed again.

“I know It’s been long and we can’t take our relationship further like this.”.

“I know it’s bad to be bad like this”

“But I am sorry”, he made sad face.

“I really am I can’t help it anymore”.

“It’s time that we part our ways now”.

“I am not afraid of the consequences but it’s high time now!”

And he took the glass of milk and emptied it in the sink.

“Mom I am not going to drink milk from now onwards”, and he left for school.


Bikram said...

That is expected from us, but do we or can we do it .. is a different question..

you are right do your bit and let the rest handle itself


Bikram said...

The break up :) this one made me smile .. but for a change I love Milk ..


Smita said...

Hhahaha... Good to know that my posts still have the potential to help people smile :)


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