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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life – Way it Happens !

“Last night mosquitoes didn’t let me sleep”, she complained to Sarika in he morning.

She laughed,”Good Morning. Iknew power failures will happen that’s why I had got mosquito coils for such times only”.

“How can one be so careful yaar!” Smriti exclaimed.

Sarika smiled and said,”Life”.

“Hmm”, and lines of worry were clearly visible on her forehead.

She took her phone and left the room.

“Hello, Papa”, she said.

“Yes beta, what happened? Is everything okay?’.

“Yes Papa, I just wanted to ask one thing”, she said.

“Go ahead”, he replied.

“I am filling my passport form, so what should I write in the column which says notable mark/scar on body?”.

Question was straight but answer was not.

“Hmm, is there anything you can write?”, came the reply after a pause.

“No Papa, I couldn’t find one”.

“No injuries no scars during childhood fights or never got hurt while playing?”

“I never had time for that Dad, since I was always looking after my sister or helping mother in house chores. So question of going out to play and get hurt is totally out of scene!”, she thought in her mind.

“No. Though I have a mole on my lips. I guess I can mention that!”, she replied.

“Hmm, go ahead with that”.

She came back to her friend and asked her to fill up that in the form.

“But how is it possible that you never got hurt ever till now!”, her friend asked!

Sarika smiled and said,”Life”.

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