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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Silently he watches

She comes in the bus and sits in the front her.
Wearing sky blue suit with white dupatta she looks adorable.
And silently he watches.

He saw her in office, with colleagues in cafeteria.
Laughing her way out in the crowd, she looks pretty.
And silently he watches.

She changed her display picture on office communicator.
Looks beautiful than before in the latest one.
And silently he watches.

She comes in the evening time in the his bus.
Sits in the second row and is listening to music. Tired she is but keeps smiling.
And silently he watches.


B. said...

Thats the story of a lot of boys :) I remember those days , just Watching .. and now thinking ALAS why did i not say something :)


Smita said...

@bikram : hahaha ... Indeed ;)


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