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Friday, December 16, 2016

From Beginning ... Till End - The Chat

Part I

Hi (He)

Hi (She)

Where are you

Who’s this

Somebody mad for you, where were you in bus today. Couldn’t see you

Who’s this?

I am sorry that I am messaging you like this. But I really like you

Am working in ********* (same company as hers)
***** office (same office as hers)
I am ********
Don’t take me otherwise.
You have got very beautiful eyes
I watch you getting on and off the bus daily but never gathered enough courage to talk to you.

Watch me daily !!! Really

I want to see you daily but can’t. L
Have loads of work in office
Between you are really beautiful
Especially your eyes.

J Jokes apart, now tell me who’s this

I am ********

How did you get my number? (she had just got a new one and it wasn’t updated anywhere for anyone to find out)

Really tough job it was to find your number. I tried a lot to forget you but just couldn’t do and to see you in suit is something that made it more tough to forget you.
I really like you

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