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Friday, December 2, 2016

The end

"I am getting married"
She was listening.
"I met this girl and then I thought I am too tired to meet someone else after this. She is nice so why not settle down with her", he was excited.
She was listening.
"I want you to come to my wedding so plan your trip accordingly", he ordered.
And tears came rolling down her cheek.

She was his childhood crush.
She was his teenage crush.
She was and always been his crush.
They had been in different cities. He had dated many girls while she chose to date none.
Personal choice.
Choice for life.
They had never been secretive with each other.
A bond they shared without being in a relationship.
She knew she can trust him and he knew she can be relied on.

"Yeah, I will try", words were pushed out from her mouth.
"***** I want you to come"
"Yeah, send me a picture", she urged.
"I am going to take her for a night-out today. Have planned it to give her a surprise for I have been too busy for her this whole week due to office. And I will open a bottle of red wine with her, only for you"
"Yeah..enjoy. Okay I gotta go"
It was her birthday.
The day she lost him.


"Get down from your side and don't lock the door. I will get down from your side only"
"Why? There is so much space from your side"
"Na, there is some garbage down here so .."
"Oh Okay"
They were there to attend a marriage.
Few clicks, thoughts shared and they were back in the car.
"You look beautiful", he praised
"I know, thank you"
"This pink color really suits you. I didn't know you can look so pretty in traditional not that you are not pretty."
"I know I know", she chuckled.
He was flirting and all praises that night.
She has been trying to be at her best behavior not to offend her dear friend of class five.

They were back in car now.
"See on the side of your door"
A bouquet of red roses.
"Will you marry me?"
"****** please. We have talked about this. You deserve better than me. You know where I stand ..."
"Don't go. I will get it all settled"
"It's not that easy. It's not my choice. I am just following what my heart and stars are asking me to. I may fail and scared for that but I don't have any other choice now. Am stuck at all levels"
"I don't want to listen to all this. You have the most beautiful eyes I have seen since fifth grade. Most pretty smile I remember from our childhood days and never did I try to hide this from you"
"I know and this is why I am with you at 2 in night. I trust you and more than that I respect your honesty. Never did I deny about us being together but never did anything strikes to me about this as a future"
"Trust me for once"
"I do but... "
"Don't go"
"I have to"


dpirsm said...

not really the end ha?

Smita said...

This is the end :)


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