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Saturday, December 17, 2016

From Beginning...Till End - The Chat II

Part II

I am ********

How did you get my number? (she had just got a new one and it wasn’t updated anywhere for anyone to find out)

I tried a lot to forget you but just couldn’t do and to see you in suit is something that made it more tough to forget you.
I really like you
And I am leaving the company. Today is my last working day here so I thought of messaging you 
everything before I go. I am D******* from Noi**

It’s really weird to talk like this. I know it’s weird for you too but there really was no other way to talk to you now that I am leaving. Another reason is that I never had the courage to talk to you upfront also.

Hmm…but tell me how did you get my number?

Via office communicator
But is it wrong to tell somebody their feeling especially when they are going away too far from that person

How did you get my name?

No it’s not wrong but the way you are handling it is wrong. Being honest is the most important thing.
One day in office when you were in cafeteria, your friend called you by your name and I was around following you as usual. There I got your name.
And why is it wrong. I like you from a year now and yes I am honest.

1 year, OMG, I don’t believe it.

Yeah, 1 year but I did not say anything. Had no courage to do so.


I knew you would take this all in the wrong way. But I like you so told everything.

No, I am not taking it in wrong way but if somebody is approaching like this so I don’t know!
Tell me who you are and how you know me. That’s all I wanna know

I told you the truth. I did a mistake by telling you all this.

No it’s not like that

Hmm..When I had the courage I did what I wanted to do. Don’t take me otherwise but I really like you and this can never go anywhere so this has to end here.Bye take care. Will never disturb you ever now.

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