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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 4

                  Life is said to be going the way, we show it to but at times we come across such streets and crossings which we get going through, even knowing the risk to do so.

               The fresher’s party was to be held after 15 days.The month of September was here.With humid environment and lots of work to be done ,the heat was full on. It was supposed to be the most happening event and the preparations started could tell so too. Notice boards were full of notice’s asking fresher’s, to come up with registration amount and the seniors, to arrange some eye catching events. Groove it, Fresh faces and fashion fiesta were the most popularity sought events. 

The most amusing part in being in a university is you get a thousand things attracting you , with restricted time to contribute towards . Namita was somewhat scared of all such happenings. She was an introvert,kinda and hence it could be the best chance for her to open up to her batchmates as well as her seniors but she was fearing something.Something was keeping her away, not only in the class but also in the evening tea discussions about the upcoming fresher’s party and Tiya could clearly see that.“Are you okay Nimi ?, she asked .”Yeah, I am good just having a headache. Better I leave else it may be get going hard on me. C ya in the room”, saying so Namita collected her things and left the canteen. Being such a pissed off girl at time was just the normal of hers,  Tiya had come to know this about her roomie in two months.She hated this part of hers though. But Namita too being such a prudent girl.

      College professors are the kind of people that never want students to enjoy. Of-course it is their part of duty to see that they excel in the academics but why they always have to intrude the joyful moments with the hunter of exams all the time.The first internal were set to happen just before the fresher’s party. Seniors saw it as their most undaunted task to be fulfilled in the most promising manner.And the preparations were fastened even more. Long lines for the audition forms could be seen in the college. Tiya was auditioning for the groove, she was good at hip hop and had made Barka her partner.Barkha and Himani were rooamates with Barkha being another sad soul like Namita . So these both has a good time teasing the dance steps of the other two girls.Seniors were busy arranging food,drinks etc and the juniors were given the task to coordinate them in the decoration and arrangement fields.If it would not have been Tiya, Namita would not have taken an initiative to be a part of this party.Tiya asked her cousin brother to get Namita's name in the  decoration committee,she knew she was good at it.

              "What's wrong with these two day scholars? I really don't understand why they don't want to be a part of the style-o-mania", Tiya said, throwing away her bag and thumping herself on her bed."Why don't they understand that we are only staging them , we won't benefit a thing from this still they are acting like aliens. Weird people".Namita was studying for the internals.Raising her eyes from the book she tried calming her down,"It's alright Tiya, you people tried your best to convince them. If they don't wanna be a part of it then let it be. I am sure their absence won't make a big difference either". She said things which were smart enough for the condition but inside her own mind she too wanted the answer to the question why both, Vipsa and Sakshi didn't even want to be a part of her life too!But all she could do was to wait for the party because they both have been avoiding her for sometime now and sitting in two opposite directions in the lecture hall gave her no chance to get an answer for her question.

            Ring ring.Ring ring."Hello,Hi.How you doing? I was waiting for you tell that I am a part of the decoration committee.Yeah,she got me into this but I am not mad at her.She really really reminds me of her,you know.Okay I will hang up,You do study well.Bye."Tiya pretended she was sleeping while she wasn't.
And the mystery call returns.Who has been she talking to?Now this question was even troubling Tiya.Find out the answer soon.

Hope the returning part was good enough to let you know the story parts will be updated after span of every 3 days. Enjoy reading.


Suvidha A. said...

Highly engrossing!! Can't wait for next part!!

Smita said...

coming on saturday :D

Suvidha A. said...

Highly engrossing!! Can't wait for next part!!


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