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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Two States Part - 5

         Fresher's party is something we all dream about while joining a college.Namita's dream was here but why was she scared?What was troubling her and who has been calling her?The one who's details haven't even been revealed yet! Tiya and Himani just won't stop telling Namita about their song selection, steps and the extra effects added for their participation in groove it.The final list was displayed and some of the main highlights of the party included Groove it, Check the beat, Race track, Paint the art and fashion fiesta ofcourse.Tiya and Himani were selected in the auditions of Groove it and Tiya made it to the decoration team for Fashion Fiesta event. When you are engaged in work so much that all you can think about is work, it actually prevent you from being in the sad depressed state you may get into, thinking too much being your problem.Namita was of one such kind but the coming up party's work made her happy actually.Her talent was coming to the front and she was beginning to be noticed, in a manner that it was about to change something soon in her life.

        "Hello,Hey..I was about to call you.How was your day?hmm.....Okay....So are you coming?Should I expect you ?",the questioner was expecting a positive reply but her looks said they were negative."Alright, just do what suits you.I am a quite busy right now so, talk to you later.Take care", and a tear rolled down her cheeks but before anyone could notice her hands had taken care of them.One doesn't cry for everyone but for someone but at times it's really hard to make that someone understand one's feelings.And she slipped her cell phone into her bag not to answer it again and got busy making the arrangements for the ramp.The party was to be tommorow and lot many things still needed to done.

      Problem shared is burden lessened but some secrets become such big problems unknowingly that they can't be shared with everyone and with whomsoever you wish to share, they should be loyal enough to keep your secret a secret only.Nobody wishes to fall in trouble but life isn't a piece if cake.No matter how disciplined you are when it comes to being practical with life, you just can't resist certain things.Namita was caught in one such thing only.A teenager either falls for the drugs trap or for the love trap and believing the facts the latter is much more dangerous, if experienced pure."Come, grab a seat Nimi.I don't know why but you have been avoiding me lately",complained Tiya,"Avoiding you?Me?No, How can you think so?Why would I avoid you dear?Come let's go to the mess.I am really hungry."They both left together for the mess.They were walking together but this togetherness was filled with so much emptiness that Tiya could hardly bear it and the Volcano of talks erupted.

"Okay, so what is it that you are hiding from me?I know you are!",and she jumped from walking with her to face her,asking the question which Namita had been avoiding since last night..She was taken back by this sudden emotional act but controlling her facial expresions she said,"No Tiya,I am not hiding anything.Why would I?There's nothing that I am hiding from you",avoiding the eye contact which made the other clever girl understand that there was something wrong."Alright so you are not gonna tell me,fine, I won't talk to you,and tiya puffed air out of her mouth moving her head to the other side pretending to be angry but she knew she was her roommates darling and she was actually right."Okay,I love somebody and it's a little twisted story.I promise I will tell you all, Please don't be angry with me.I love You."Namita said with a deep voice seeming as if she was about to cry but Tiya llightened the moment by saying,"Okay okay keep that love thing for your heart and give me a hug.I don't want anybody to blame me for taking his love struck lines !.And they both giggled.Life is so good when you have such nice friends that care so much for you.
        The hug did settle some things but a lot was left to be settled.Namita asked somebody to come over and you might have guessed who the person was.Well I won't say the exact thing, wait for the next part :)


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