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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Two States - A Quick Recap


                  The story is and isn't purely imaginative,has some real elements mixed with some purely imaginative links,spicing up the story eventually marking some incidences you can relate yourself or me to!It has certain similarities with Chetan Bhagat's Two States.This is gonna be in parts and some real thrill and fun mingled with words!

       Story starts with the introduction of our main female character,Namita. She was supposed to join the IIT or NIIT,her father being from one such respectable institution but she got admission in ITS University, a deemed university on her percentage and not on her father's monitory percentage.College was not very far but she being a kinda homesick and introvert was afraid of leaving home.College started and she was startled to get Tiya,the most chirping girl in college as her roommate.Tiya,from rajasthan, was a bubbly, zealot for life, adamant but full of life biotech student at the university.In short , both are exactly opposite of each other, nature-wise.

      College started and hence she became friends with Vipsa and Sakshi, both from delhi with latter moved to delhi just a month back.Namita have never ever been to Delhi!A weird information for a new friend mate.And so the college started.Boring lectures narrated by boring lecturers was now a part of the day to day life of our main female character, Namita until she faced her seniors for the first time and a secret was about to be revealed.The question she was asked after her usual introduction thing was her querry about her relationship status.She did say no to the question of whether she was seeing somebody or not but the actual scene was something else as later she gets a phone call from a mysterious caller which is not revealed.The second day of college brought two new friends, Barkha and Himani and a big question,why Vipsa and Sakshi hadn't kept a seat for her?Namita is a sensitive girl, feeble enough to be disturbed by the fast chanigng attitude of people towards her.

      Freshers party was also around the corner and some ruls and regulations were set for it.Tiya was pardoned from following them, having an elder brother studying in the same college has its priviliges too, while Namita was gramted freedom for certain rules.And this marks the end of the part written till now.

      Here I come to end the recap writing session but I personally feel if one wishes to feel the aura of the story then one must go through the parts.I have written originally. They aren't too lengthy to read and are entertaining to an extent.I will start writing it's parts from 19th of this month, till then upgrade yourself with the story and its characters.Happy reading !


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