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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Monday, November 28, 2016

... know ... what ... did !

I know what I did
I am already paying for it
It's hard to resist
Impossible to forget.

It wasn't how I had anticipated
It isn't how I had wished it to be
But now
it is what it is!

Most amazing feeling
This how I had imagined
With the most special person
This is how I had expected
Longing togetherness
This is how I had imagined
Forever and ever
This is how it should have been.

Now that it's done
Nothing can be changed
Whats done is done
It can't be changed!

Respect it
or turn your back on it
It's your choice
But forget about it
I really don't think that can be a choice.

I don't regret it
Neither do I hate it now
It's just how it is
And I have to live with it now!

I am strong enough to cherish it
And cherish what it was when it was
Frame those moments
Forever to be watched.

I respect it
And expect the same from you
For it being something to me
And nothing to you!

You were never there
It was just a boundation for you
For she was never cared for
But don't worry
As soon she may not be around!

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