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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Two States Part - 28

It was Saturday. She would be meeting Rahul at 5 today. She knew she has to meet him at any cost today, and make up for her absence last Sunday. Rahul might have forgiven her but she knew skipping the lessons today will not beg for another kind act of forgiveness from him. But then she also had to finish up the paper work at the bank.

      She had an appointment with some manager at the bank today at 1. She had clear plans for today. After being done with the bank work, which would finish by 3 maximum, she will meet Rahul in the library at 5 and try explaining things to him. Hence she hurried to the bank.

While waiting for the bank personal in her cabin, she noticed she had a missed call. A missed call from an unknown number. But the sight of the number worried her. She immediately tried calling back but before an answer came from the other side, the manager entered.

"Hello mam, I am Namita. If you remember, you had called me today."

 "Hmm..", the lady tried recalling her face, and said,"Oh, Yes, Yes.Namita."
"I remember. Please sit down. Let me just finish these papers then will talk to you."

"Okay mam. I will just wait outside."

"Oh, no no dear. You can just sit down. I just have to sign these papers."

    Namita sat down on the vacant chair in-front of her. The lady started signing some papers. She didn't seem to be in a hurry but our girl was. This could be clearly seen on her impulsive face.

   After some half hour, the lady turned to her and said,"Alright, now tell me. What can I do for you?".

"What can I do for you? Is that all that she has got to say after ruining my half hour!", Namita thought to herself, but she kept on her cool and said,"Mam, I need you to fake some figures on my account balance book. I want you to mark up the same figures while I would be drawing money from my account."

"Fake your account? Excuse me! Are you even in your senses madam. We are here to assist you and not fake somebody's accounts figures."

"Mam, I very well understand what you are saying. But please listen to me once. Nobody else but you can help me in this situation. Hence I am here to see you."
"Please try to understand, please".

"Excuse me Mam, but as to what you are saying, is simply which I won't be doing. I can't cheat on my bank. I am answerable for anything wrong being done here. And let's suppose, if I will do as you say, then what's the guarantee that in future this whole forgery thing won't surface? "
"I might loose my job and my career for some insane thing you are asking me to do, do you even realize that !"

"Yes mam, I very well understand what you are saying and I have already made a detailed inspection on all the possible pro's and con's of the thing that I am asking as a favor from you."
"Please listen to me at-least once mam" 
"I have really come a hard way for this and I really want help", and a tear or two scrolled down her cheek.

The manager, though being a lady herself didn't seem to move by her tears, but keeping up to her human instincts she said,"Okay okay. Now stop crying and tell me what story you have got there for all this insane favor, you want from me", and she handed over a tissue to Namita.

"Thank you very much Mam. I will tell you everything.",she said, taking tissue from her hand,and continued,"Then you decide and tell me, if I am asking for some insane favor from you".

   And Namita went on to narrating some story to the lady manager. At first, the lady didn't seem to have enough faith in the story Namita ws telling her, but later on, she did seem to be changing her mind for not helping her.

And after listening to all that Namita had to say, she said,"Alright I will do what you want. But I don't want any nuisance happening. I want you clear things as soon as possible and take up all the responsibility for that. Our bank just shouldn't be involved at any point. Hope you understand that very clearly.", she said in a firm voice. She had made it clear that Namita had got what she had been wanting from her.

"Yes Mam, I understand that very well. I will clear the mess within a month. Thank you very much for listening to me and helping me out. Thank you very much Mam.", and she got up from her chair to handshake her hands with her.

"Okay then I will see you when you need this thing to be done. Till then, I hope it's a top secret between the two ladies", and the lady smiled.

"Yes Mam, definitely a top sealed secret."
"Thanks a lot for your precious time Mam".

The manager smiled from her seat only while Namita exited her cabin. She seemed to be quiet happy now. She looked at her watch. It was 4. She quickly hired a cab back to college. She must hurry up before she again gets a chance to upset Rahul. The day seemed to going quiet well for her. But she didn't knew that somebody's day wasn't going that well. Somebody was disturbed to know that she was meeting somebody else than him. That somebody was really not in a good mood.

   So, what was her story? What did she tell to the manager? And why does she needs to get fake details on her account book? Whom is she sending money to? Who? Is Namita involved in something that she's embarrassed to tell? Even to her parents? Otherwise why is she hiding this money transaction from them? And if she is not lending money to Samarth, then to whom is she lending it to? Who?


Anonymous said...

What's the bank secret? Curious to know !

Smita said...

keep reading to know :)

Smita said...

keep reading to know :)


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