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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 36 (i)

      Tiya surely didn't like Vipsa invading her date with Rahul, but what else could she do ! But Rahul too seemed to be uncomfortable with sudden appearance of hers.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be going?", he asked Vipsa, a bit straight.

"No, I am staying with one of my friends in hostel for the exams. But what are you doing here? ", she fired him back,"Shouldn't you be studying rather than wasting your time here", she clearly hinted at this meeting of him with Tiya, as a wastage of time.
But Rahul didn't like it.
He covered back,"This ain't no wastage of time Vipsa. When will you learn to be polite to people",he said in a disgusted voice.

        Tiya thought leaving the place was the best option other than sitting with somebody like Vipsa. Also, she wasn't very pleased with the way Vipsa had eben treating Rahul and her, of-course.
"Okay, I Guess I should leave now", and she got up from her chair, ready to leave.

        Rahul wanted her to stay back with Vipsa being the one to leave, but apparently this couldn't be done and Tiya left."Alright, I will see you some other time then",and he waved at her while she left.

"Why would you do that?", he said looking at Vipsa, quiet pissed off  with her behavior with Tiya.

"Do what?", she pretended to be innocent.

"It's really disgusting you know", and Rahul got up from his chair, banging the table, leaving her behind all alone talking to herself.

"I know Rahul. But you know what, I loved it", she said in her evil voice with a wicked smile on her face as her mission, to make Tiya leave, was successful!
But little did she knew, that she had lost all her respect in Rahul's heart.
Rahul had been nice to her but today, he was very upset with her arrogant behavior at the cafe.

  Hence second year was concluding. Exams were about to begin and in less than a month's time, Namita, Tiya, Rahul and all second year students will enter third year of Engineering. Namita was very excited about everything. She closing her graduation, Samarth getting a job with a possibility of being transferred to Delhi, everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Tiya too was happy, happy that Namita wasn't somebody to be afraid of with Rahul but still she had Vipsa to be scared of. She still wasn't sure about the way Rahul felt for her as well as Vipsa. Still she was happy. Happy for her room-mate.

   So here we end the second year of Namita's life as an engineering student. A lot had happened in these two years. A brief summary of the whole, just coming up next !

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