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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Two States Part - 37 (ii)

She opened the middle page of the diary and started reading.

           I can't bear it anymore. This hatred is killing me now. He doesn't talks to me. He ignores me as if I don't exist in this world. Am I supposed to be treated like this? Why does he do that to me? Why? He hates me. I can clearly see that in his eyes. I cry every night, but if only he could love me back the way he used to these dark nights won't matter.

          I am losing my patience with him now. He used to love me so much! I was the only person he cared about. Even a minute line of tension on my face made him cry. But now, he doesn't even cares to look whether I am doing fine or not. He just don't care! I don't know what I must do to revive all that love in him for me, that he had! But surely I can't keep this secret from him anymore. I don't know how to say it, but it is also killing me every second of my life. Wish I could tell him, that....

But before she could complete reading the page, she heard her coming.
Namita was coming. Tiya could hear her voice in the distant corridor. She quickly jumped from Namita's bed, hid the diary under the mattress and again started packing up her things. Pretending as if she had been doing that only since Namita left.

In less than two minutes, Namita was back in room. She looked happy.
"Rahul is a nice guy. I will really miss him after my B.Tech", she said.
She was in a jovial mood today.

Tiya just tried smiling from her place but her mind was all bogged with the diary details. She wanted to read more of it but couldn't. She thought of finding a way, to ask Namita about the diary. She knew Namita didn't keep secrets. But today the content she had just read, made her feel like as if something big was going in Namita's life and she had been hiding it from everyone, or atleast her.
She thought of pointing out the diary to Namita. Maybe this way she may get to know something about it.

"Hey, look. You have got something under there", Tiya pointed out the diary, intentionally.

Namita quickly picked it up and put it in her bag.
"Oh, thats just something. Nothing much". she tried covering it up. She clearly was hiding it from Tiya.
This made Tiya doubt her more now and she didn't say much. She knew Namita. She knew, she would open up it's details to her one day. She just had to wait for the right day to come.

[And so we come to the end of their second year of college. Second year did see a lot of progress in the story. Hope, will see much more in the third year.]

But wait, the diary detials are out. A bit.
Namita mentioned someone hating her !
She's being ignored and not loved while she dearly wishes to be loved by that person!
What secret is she hiding this time?
Is it about some other man in her life? Or was that all written for Samarth? Are they having a tensed relationship, that she had been hiding from everybody? Or is it something else? What could it be? What?

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